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At the Warmest of Hearths: A Special Gift
        Snow drifted down past Fluttershy’s nose as she stared across her blanketed front garden. Snowdrifts softly lit red and green by the gently flashing lights strung up from her porch stood as silent sentinels watching over the path to her door. Wiping away the stray flakes, she took a sip from the steaming mug in her hands before tightening her thick scarf to stave away the creeping cold.
        Fluttershy loved these still winter nights, far away from the bustle and noise of a still celebrating Ponyville. Her cottage stood at her back, completely dark, save for the gentle twinkling of their Hearths Warming tree reflecting the light from the front yard. All of the light in the world coming from the decorations from her home and the half-moon hanging from a clear and starlit sky. She watched her breath dissipate in the air before her, hauntingly highlighted against the shadowy world in front of her. A soft breeze pushed against Flutte
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Mature content
Returning Home :iconthegentlecoltalex:TheGentlecoltAlex 5 17
Mature content
Blood Red As Apples :iconthegentlecoltalex:TheGentlecoltAlex 7 26
Mature content
Not Even The End Can Stop Us :iconthegentlecoltalex:TheGentlecoltAlex 22 21
FlutterMac Part 8: A Rainy Affair
Standing alone upon the quiet porch of his farmhouse Macintosh watched as the sun rose over the horizon to bathe the land in its bright rays. The purple clouds decorating the mountain top giving birth to a new day. To the red farmer this was nothing new, he’d seen it a hundred times before, but that never made the sight any less beautiful. Once more he thought about how he needed to take a vacation to Canterlot one day and watch Princess Celestia raise the sun. But there was not time for a vacation now. Summer was fast approaching and that mean apple trees needed to be taken care of, and crops tended to.
Indeed, even today looked like it was going to be pretty strenuous after the long, relaxing winter break he had just taken. Based on the average number of pink blossoms that were sprouting on the tree branches already it seemed like the whole orchard was going to be flooded with apples. And more apples meant more work for the whole family. But it also meant more money was going t
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What's Lost In Silence
There she was. The most beautiful mare that he had ever lay his eyes on. She rarely visited the farm, but when she did the sun seemed to shine a little brighter and the birds sing a little louder. It was the way that she would brush her hair from her eyes when talking with Applejack, or when she raised a hoof to cover one of those beautiful, melodic giggles.
       He remembered the first time he had seen her. Applejack had brought her to the farm during that whole mess with the Flim Flam Brothers. He hadn’t taken the time to truly notice any of his sister’s friends during the struggle to keep his farm but when he saw her, truly saw her, it was something he had never experienced before. A small, beautiful, smile on her face, and a mug of cider in her right hoof. Macintosh was left completely speechless, like his heart had jumped into his throat and was stopping any words from exiting his body.
So naturally the only logical thing to do was to pretend like
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Hold Me Tight, Before I Fall
       Fluttershy’s feet glided across the dance floor nervously, her arms wrapped around the neck of the gentle giant that had brought her there. She kept her eyes down towards the floor, unable to look up at him still, even after months of dating she simply couldn’t bring herself to look into his soft emerald eyes for more than a moment.
From the day that Applejack had first introduced them on a blind date she has been very cautious around him. Even more so than she was with any other person she’d met in Ponyville. She never spoke more than a few words at a time to him and even when she did her voice was always so soft it was barely audible. He never seemed to mind though. He was a man of few words himself, preferring to let his actions speak for him.
Closing her eyes Fluttershy allowed him to lead her around in slow, steady circles, simultaneously wishing for the night to be over, and for it to never end.
Big Macintosh
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I'll Love You In the Summer by TheGentlecoltAlex I'll Love You In the Summer :iconthegentlecoltalex:TheGentlecoltAlex 31 16
FlutterMac Part 7: A Broken Hearts and Hooves Day
The bustling market street was noisy that day, not that the center of Ponyville wasn’t always loud with the sounds of various mares and stallions haggling over prices for their wares, but today it just seemed like everypony was trying to yell over each other. Big Macintosh didn’t mind though. If being bombarded with a little noise was the only price he had to pay to spend this afternoon with Fluttershy, he would gladly pay it. With winter slowly coming to an end, the various vendors of Ponyville were trying to sell off the last of their wares before the new produce was ripe for the coin making. This is why the market was so chaotic. Everything was being sold cheaper than normal.
Fluttershy had asked for him to come along with her to the farmers market because he was better at dealing with some of the ruder merchants that they may encounter. While he didn’t mind being surrounded by the hustle and bustle of large groups of ponies, he much preferred the quiet and rustic
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FlutterMac Part 6: Upon A Snowy Night
Children come
I have a tale
of two Pony's
who Love will unveil
Love is fun
and Love is good
Love can change you
into good
But Love can change
and Love can turn
so turn and turn
and with a spin
a Discord triumph
for the win
The snow crunched beneath their hooves as they slowly made their way around the lake. Light grey clouds hid direct sunlight from the earth and gave the landscape a flat appearance. A heavy wind blew across the lake, making the already frost air frigid. Fluttershy was tightly bundled up to protect herself from the cold. With two thick coats, a long woolen scarf wrapped tightly around her neck and rubber snow boots she was the epitome of warmth. In contrast Macintosh had a scarf and light gray sweater on, which stood out startlingly off his crimson coat.
It was like the flower of their relationship was thriving in Equestrias winter season. With Fluttershys animals gone into hibernation and Big Macintosh's minimal chore-work around the farm the two of them spent most of
:iconthegentlecoltalex:TheGentlecoltAlex 31 37
As The Wind Whispered Away Another Day
The wind whistled silently through the trees; whispering the secrets of another day away, into the light of the setting sun. Macintosh trudged slowly down the familiar dirt path, his head hung. His sore muscled stretching and screaming achingly with each step.
It had been a tough harvest this year. The elements had been harsh on their crops. First, the sun had refused to be obscured by the clouds of the weather patrol, causing almost everything on their farm to dry out and wither. Then, a dry brush fire had caught in the orchard and they had barely managed to save half of their trees. And to finish everything off, a malfunction in the weather factory had shot a storm their way, flooding out the smaller vegetable crops.
With just about everything needed to make money dead, the Apple family was holding on to their land and home by only the thinnest of threads. They had stocked some extra bits for emergency situations such as this, but between Applebloom's schooling and the repairs to the
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FlutterMac 5: Nightmare Night
"Ow" Big Macintosh grunted as the comb pulled at a tangle.
"Well maybe if you brushed your mane a little more often you wouldn't have so many knots." Fluttershy teased as she lightly tapped his head with her brush.
"There ain't no need to when applebuckin'." he grumbled as she resumed straightening out his unruly mane.
Once again it was Nightmare Night in Ponyville, not Fluttershy's favorite night of the year. It had always seemed so dark and scary to her even though she knew that the costumes and special effects were fake. They had spent the better part of the evening together at Fluttershy's cottage preparing for the night. The two had made plans for that night that Big Macintosh was to stay with her and help pass out candy to the trick-or-treaters; but at the last minute the Mayor had asked him to pull the hay wagon this year and, reluctantly, he had said yes. So rather than preparing for visitors they were preparing his costume for the night.
With his hair straightened out and his
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Mature content
Afternoon Love: A FlutterMac Tale :iconthegentlecoltalex:TheGentlecoltAlex 44 71
FlutterMac Part 4: Please Don't Run From Me
"Come on Macintosh you can do it. Push yourself. You're so close to the end. RUN!" These thoughts filled Big Macintoshes head as he charged through wooded area. Dodging branches and jumping rocks. He'd already lost any kind of lead he had but he was determined to see this course through to the end.
All of this had started about a week ago; when he had decided to join in the Annual Running of the Leaves.
Summer had passed by without a hitch that year. The trees had grown their normal amounts of fruit and bucking them off had been just as much work as it ever was. Everything had been perfectly normal on the farm that year. Only one thing was different. Big Macintosh and Fluttershy's budding romance had been causing the two ponies to be spending an exceptional amount of time together.
Almost every day during apple-bucking
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Heart Gold by TheGentlecoltAlex Heart Gold :iconthegentlecoltalex:TheGentlecoltAlex 4 6 Rainy Morn' by TheGentlecoltAlex Rainy Morn' :iconthegentlecoltalex:TheGentlecoltAlex 4 2


Daybreaker x Discord by StePandy
Mature content
Daybreaker x Discord :iconstepandy:StePandy 294 37
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Luna :iconbanthatic:Banthatic 68 5
Catlestia (Animated) by Szafir87 Catlestia (Animated) :iconszafir87:Szafir87 221 17 Fluttermac by AnimaDrawsArt Fluttermac :iconanimadrawsart:AnimaDrawsArt 37 29 Speechless by Luumiee Speechless :iconluumiee:Luumiee 26 2 Battle Bunny - Riven by Grooooovy Battle Bunny - Riven :icongrooooovy:Grooooovy 1,091 30


Hey everybody, it's your friendly neighborhood Gentlecolt here with an update with why I've been so inactive for so long. The short and simple answer is College. Classes and dorms and meal plans and the whole nine yards. It's a bad excuse for why I haven't been posting a lot but it's the best one I have so far. But here are some things that I hope make up for the absence. 

Let's start with the simplest. I've finally found some time in my schedule to set aside from school for writing so I'll be making all haste towards the next few chapters :D

Next: I have seen Equestria Girls in all of its...ummm...glory...and I have to say that it really wasn't as bad as I'd heard it was but it still had me saying "wut" about every 5 minutes or so. What're your thoughts? Because this is like the 3rd or 4th "End of the Fandom" I've survived through. 

Next on the agenda is one that had me both happy and nervous at the same time. Someone did a reading of "Afternoon Love: A FlutterMac Tale" on YouTube (no, I will not provide a link). When I first saw it I nearly burst into tears. Someone decided that MY story was worth public reading. It was almost to much for me. It's not the best reading I've ever heard but it's something. 

Finally, the thing that has gotten me the most hyped for Season 4. According to this video (… ) not only is Big Macintosh going to get his own song but FlutterMac may become canon as well :D :D :D. Mind you that I did take this video with a bit of salt because obviously not everything on the internet is going to be true, but I'm going to choose to be optimistic about this one. 

Hope to be posting the next chapter and/or story in the nearby future for you all. Thanks for the patience :3 



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