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        The train car rattled noisily as it roughly bumped along its tracks, shaking awake one of the many passengers seeking to gather a few hours of sleep from the long, uneventful ride. Letting out a long yawn and rubbing a rough hand across his eyes the soldier looked out of the rattling window that had so recently been serving as his pillow.  

        A small smile stretched onto the stallions muzzle as the familiar countryside rushed past him. Tracing the silhouettes of the distant mountain ranges the sun prepared to lower itself below its mighty and jagged peaks, and the empty, yellow plains of Saddle Arabia had transformed themselves into rolling hills, the lanky palm trees and acacias replaced with lush, delicious and massive coniferous trees. His home, where he had spent nearly thirty wonderful years of his life, was almost within arm’s reach. He would be able to finally see the family that he had left behind just over three years ago again.

        Standing up, Macintosh stretched out his back, letting each stiff vertebrae crack back into alignment. Gently pushing past the still sleeping passenger he had been sharing the row of seats with he stepped out into the aisle. Other passengers were waking up and moving from their seats as well, tired yawns and quiet shuffling overlapped slowly into the excited yammering of a train car full of stallions ready to go home. Reaching into the storage compartment above his seat Macintosh unzipped his duffel bag and pulled out the small tobacco tin that he used to store all of his prized possessions while away from home. His fingers lightly pinched a photograph and he pulled it from the small metal box. The picture hadn’t been taken too long ago but the edges were already creasing and fraying. His thin smile broadened into a larger one as he looked at the moment forever frozen onto the picture.

        The photograph depicted him and his wife on their last day together before he had left to fight in the war. His head was resting on her shoulder as the both looked and smiled at the camera. God, how he had missed that smile. His hands rested across her stomach and her small hands were resting on top of his, the tips of her fingers pressing themselves gently into the small cracks between the large, calloused hands. She was in her wedding dress, and he in his tuxedo because the last time the two had seen each other was the day they were married. When Macintosh had received the notice that he was drafted into service the couple had to move the date of their wedding quickly so that they could share at least one day bonded forever. Their wedding bed was barely even warm before the red farmer boarded the train that would take him half way across Equestria for three years.

        And now he was finally coming home.

        For the next few hours the train continued on its fast journey back home for another hour, and in that time Macintosh thought about all of the people he was going to see, and all of the places he would visit first. Of course he was going to see his family first, his two little sisters, Applejack and Apple Bloom, and his lovely wife Fluttershy, maybe even some of Applejack’s friends would come down to greet him back to Ponyville. Even though his family had tried to keep in touch with him through letters and the occasional phone call there were probably plenty of things that had yet to be told to him. Flipping through the sheets of paper he reread each one carefully, from the first one from Apple Bloom telling him how much he was missed on the farm, to Fluttershy’s sad letter about her oldest pet, Angel, finally passing away from age, to Applejack’s shocking letter about her engagement, and later, pregnancy.  His nephew had been born over a year ago, and was growing fast according to his eldest sister. Taking stock of all the things he had missed only filled him with a greater desire to make up for it.

        Finally the train whistle signaled that it was coming to a stop. Big Macintosh watched excitedly as Ponyville Junction came rolling into view, and he saw the large gathering of ponies watching and waiting to reunite with their friends and family. A huge banner reading “Welcome Home, Heroes!” hung from the eves of the train station. Almost every face was familiar to him, but he couldn’t make out anyone that he thought would be waiting just for him. There was no way that everyone had forgotten this was the day he was to arrive, right? He’d made sure that the letter would get home before he did. Clearly the rest of the town was aware.

        Quickly packing away his tobacco tin into his duffel bag he bumped his row mate awake before stepping into the rapidly filling aisle. Every stallion was in a rush to get off of the train, whether this was their last stop or not, but the line seemed to trudge slowly in single file as every pony that stepped off of the train was met with a small cacophony of chattering voices or cheers. Big Macintosh wasn’t a pony who got impatient very easily, but he so desperately wanted to see his family.

        When Macintosh stepped off of the train and onto the plaza he quickly stepped out of the way for the next stallion in line. He elbowed his way through the crowd, his eyes scanning the faces of everybody there, but unable to find anyone he was truly looking for. “Where the hay is everybody?” he mumbled to himself as he neared the back of the platform.


        Suddenly, he saw a blur of pink and green before somebody quickly slammed into his chest and wrapped their arms around his neck. His initially startled face dissolved into one of pure happiness as he wrapped his own arms around the sides of his wife, who was sobbing with joy. He felt tears begin to form in his own eyes as well. Lifting her legs into the air Fluttershy let Macintosh hold her in place as she firmly pressed her lips against his own, tightening her grip around his neck and pulling him closer. Macintosh spun his love around before lowering her into a steep dip, her toes hanging an inch from the wood planks, their muzzles still tightly pressed together.

        When the couple finally separated for air Fluttershy rubbed her nose against his in light brushes and he returned the affection, gently setting the yellow pegasus back onto her feet. Standing on her tip toes to pepper his stubbly jaw with kisses she placed the palms of her hands onto his muscular chest. “Welcome home, Sweetie.” She squealed, rubbing the tears from her eyes and nestling her head against his pectorals.

        “It’s good ta be home, Sugercube.”  Macintosh said with a chuckle, giving that glorious nest of pink hair a small peck. Hugging onto his wife he searched about for the rest of his family, but they were nowhere in sight. “Honey, where’re Applejack, and Apple Bloom? Ah thought they’d be here ta say hello to their big brother.”

        Fluttershy looked up at him with a devilish smile and smacked a thin hand against his muscular torso. “What, am I not enough for you?” Fluttershy feigned a sob and clutched at his t-shirt, burying her face against him.

        “Aw, now come on, you know that ain’t what that’s about.” Mac said with a grin.

        Fluttershy gave a girlish giggle and pulled her husband’s neck down for another kiss, “I know. But they said that because we never got to have our honeymoon that I get you all to myself today.” Fluttershy gave an excited purr into Macintosh’s ear, causing the former soldier to shudder with delight. “Now, come on and let’s go home. I have a special dinner planned for tonight.” Macintosh quickly scooped up his duffel bag as Fluttershy wrapped her left arm in his right and grabbed his hand. The farmer stroked the back of her hand with a thumb as the two left for their house.

        He was finally home.    


        Fluttershy excitedly pulled her returned husband through the doorway of their home. Macintosh happily obliged her and smiled as the mare of his dreams tugged at his arm. Looking around nothing felt like it had changed since he had left. The same three pillows sat on their green couch, the last rays of sunlight shimmering through the multitude of crystal clear windows that adorned their walls, he even recognized most of the pet beds littered across the floor, though their occupants were absent. All the better, just meant that he got to keep Fluttershy to himself without any distractions.

        With a playful but assertive shove Fluttershy pushed Macintosh into his favorite armchair, the familiar warm green canvas welcoming him back with its comfortable embrace. While he nestled down his wife moved into the next room. Big Macintosh could hear her rummaging around in the kitchen, the metallic clinking of pots and pans reverberated through the house for a moment and he took that time to drink in his serene surroundings.

        It wasn’t long before Fluttershy had come back, that small beautiful smile that he loved so much beaming down at him. The petite mare climbed onto his lap and wrapped her arms around him, tucking her head into the crook of his neck. “Dinner should be ready in fifteen, maybe twenty, minutes.”

        Big Macintosh’s hand found its way to have calves and started to slowly massage them, his fingers slowly creeping their way up her leg. “Well gosh, what’re we gonna do in tha meantime?” he asked, giving the tip of her ear the gentlest of nips.

        Fluttershy removed her chin from his neck and gave him a sultry smile, using her fingers to lightly brush against the stubble on his chin. “I think I can think of a few things…” she mumbled airily as she leaned in to press her lips against his. Big Macintosh happily brought himself into her kiss and sank in, this time taking every precious second to feel her against him. The accumulated loneliness of the last three years rushed back into his head and he leaned even further into the kiss. Every regained second gave him strength.

        His hand slowly massaging its way up her skirt and onto her thigh. Eliciting a quiet moan from Fluttershy as his thick fingers pressed firmly against her skin. Mac took her momentary lapse in concentration to gently slip his tongue in between her lips. The daisy pegasus gave no signs of resistance and allowed her tongue to meet his, the two pink masses squirming against one another. Her fingers grasped at the back of his head and pulled him in tighter, her breaths coming from her nose in desperate and needy huffs.

        While the pairs mouth’s continued to grind hotly against one another, Big Macintosh’s hand had squirmed itself all the way up her leg and was now resting against her hip; his index finger and thumb pulling teasingly at her panties. Every time he pinched the fabric and let it snap back against her skin she would give a cute little squeak, followed promptly by a nip on his lower lip. He chuckled into her mouth and continued to tease her, sometimes letting his hand slip down a little further to grope at her rear.

         Fluttershy pulled back from him for a moment and looked into his eyes. “I’ve missed you so much,” she whispered, pressing her forehead against his.

        “I missed you too, Sugarcube,” he mumbled, giving her a quick nibble on the neck, “More than words can say.” He gave her a devilish grin as his hand slid onto her inner thigh, rubbing softly an inch away from the source of her desire. “What do ya say we make up for a bit of lost time?” he asked, letting his eyes dart to the stairs that would lead the couple to their bedroom. He started rubbing her slightly firmer, letting his fingers inch closer to her crotch as Fluttershy’s breathing quickened.

        “M-maybe we should…” she began, but Macintosh gently pushed his mouth back against hers and she melted into the motion before she could finish the thought. Their mouths ground tightly against one another and Macintosh drew closer and closer to his final goal. He could feel the heat from her desire radiating from the meager distance separating his fingers from her crotch. He smiled as his fingers slid oh so close to her…

        Jolted by the sudden ringing sound, Big Macintosh looked up for the origin of the sound that had so quickly shattered the mood. Fluttershy gently brushed her fingers against his chin and gave him a small smile, “Sounds like dinner’s ready.” She slid off of Mac’s lap and gave him a peck on the cheek.

        “Maybe we can just skip dinner for tonight?” Big Macintosh asked hopefully, giving her a light grin. He hadn’t realized that the time had moved so quickly around them.

        Fluttershy giggled and leaned forward to give him a long kiss on the lips. “Not tonight,” she whispered before standing back up and starting for the kitchen. “Besides,” she said throwing him a sultry smile, “only naughty boys try and get their dessert before they eat their dinner.” And with a suggestive flick of her tail she stepped into the next room.  
        Big Macintosh stood up from his chair and gave a slight stretch before following her. A wicked grin was stretched across his face, knowing that Fluttershy was in a playful mood. And when his wife was feeling playful he knew he would be in for an excellent evening.

        Turning the corner into their kitchen, Big Macintosh found his wife picking up a crock-pot from the counter. “I left the salad in the fridge, honey, would you mind…” she wiggled her hips suggestively, “…grabbing it?”

        “Heh, eenope.” Mac replied, stepping over to the refrigerator and pulling out the cellophane covered plate. Setting it down on the table he took a long whiff of whatever was in the cooking pot and licked his lips. “It smells delicious, Fluttershy.” He said, taking a seat at their dining table.

        “Potatoes, cabbage, mushroom, and onion stew, and a side of iceberg lettuce and tomatoes.” Fluttershy said, beaming a smile at him, “Your favorite.” She sat down across the table from him as he grabbed the ladle from the pot and poured a spoonful for the delicious smelling stew into her bowl.

        As Fluttershy reached for her own spoon so begin eating Macintosh put his hand on top of hers. “Shy, it’s been too damn long since we last saw each other, and I’ve missed you so much.” He ran his thumb over the back of her hand and gave her a light smile. “And all I wanna do right now is be with ya. Ah just wanna listen to ya talk, Ah don’t care about what, Ah’ve just missed tha sound of yer voice so much.”

        Fluttershy smiled back and gave his hand a gentle squeeze. “So little Apple Fritter is already starting to make friends around Ponyville. Applejack says that he’s already climbing trees and trying to pick the apples.” That’s how the rest of their dinner went, Fluttershy talking in between bites of her dinner while Macintosh listened in intent rapture. She spent the next hour moving from topic to topic, talking about whatever came across her mind in that moment. From Applejack’s baby, to the new animals she had in her care at the clinic, to all of her friends that were looking forward to their husbands and wives returning home. And Big Macintosh ate up every single word of it.

        “…and that’s when Discord decided to move into Canterlot to be closer to the royal court.” Fluttershy concluded her final story while unloading their dirty dishes into the sink.

        “Is that where he went?” Macintosh asked, leaning back against the counter next to her.

        “Mhmm,” Fluttershy wrapped her arms back around his neck and nestled her head against his chest, “and so the house has been very, very lonely for a long, long time.”
Big Macintosh hugged her tightly and rubbed her back, “Ah know, darlin’. But Ah’m home now, and I ain’t going anywhere.”

        Fluttershy responded by standing on her toes and pulling him in for a short kiss before giving him a coy smile accompanied by half lidded eyes. “I think that somepony just earned his dessert for tonight,” she purred on an airy breath. The rosy maned pegasus grabbed her husband by the waist and tugged him off of the counter, pulling him excitedly back into their living room.

        Fluttershy pulled him over to their couch and pushed him onto his back, allowing the soft cushions to break his fall as she crawled atop the red apple farmer. Big Macintosh happily complied with her actions, letting his hands find purchase cradling her sizeable rump. Immediately, Fluttershy set herself on him, showering him with affection built up over his three year absence. Ranging from small butterfly kisses across his neck, to long and drawn out make out sessions filled with impassioned moans and fervent tongue wrestling. All the while the normally reserved pegasus ground herself against him, her wings spread open to their full span and slightly flapping.          

        Fluttershy lifted herself off of him and grabbed at the bottom of his shirt stripping the fabric from his body with ease. As the article of clothing flew noiselessly to the ground Fluttershy’s hands slapped against Macintosh’s firm chest, her fingers curling into his coarse chest hair as she rubbed her palms against him. “I’ve missed this so much,” she whispered as she massaged his pectorals. “I get married to the hottest stud in Ponyville, and he has to leave before I can properly break him in?” she grinned down at him, “But now I’m going to take you like I should’ve on our wedding night, and every single time we made love before it.”  

         Big Macintosh stared up silently at the beautiful mare perched on top of him for a moment before giving a small chuckle and booping her on the nose with his index finger. “Ah almost forgot how adorable you are when ya get assertive.”

         Fluttershy made a pouting face, giving his chest a soft slap. “I’m not trying to be cute, I’m trying to be sexy,” she huffed while crossing her arms.

        “Oh yeah?” Macintosh asked with a smug look. Suddenly, his large hands grabbed her hips and he sat up, quickly flipping the demure pegasus onto the couch beneath him with a quiet ‘eep’. He smiled as her face began to burn a deep shade of red, “Well you ain’t gotta try too hard with me.” He planted a loving kiss on her flushed cheek as his fingers began to unbutton her blouse.

        It wasn’t long before her white blouse was fully opened, revealing her naked breasts to him. Fluttershy encouraged him onwards with quiet moans and happy coos as his large hand grasped at the soft mound of flesh and his fingers started tweaking at the stiff, pink nipple. While his hand occupied itself with her boob he buried his face into the crook of her neck, combining his ministrations with soft nips and loving pecks. Somewhere in between her breathy groans and his needy grunts out of the corner of his eye Macintosh became suddenly aware of her right wing bent at an awkward angle on the couch, desperately attempting to stiffen itself only to be met with the furniture’s resistance. The wheels in his head only had to turn for a moment before he came up with a plan that put a devious grin on his face.

        “Turn over real quick.” He rumbled down to her, grabbing at the blouse and helping free her arms. Fluttershy rolled over onto her stomach, her feathery appendages able to stretch much better now that she wasn’t laying on them. Macintosh delicately pulled the shirt from her back, doing his best to not rustle her soft feathers too much in the process. Tossing the white cloth to the floor next to his own shirt, he brushed her pink locks to the side, giving him an unobstructed view of her shoulders and back.

         Big Macintosh gripped her shoulders and began to slowly knead the muscles beneath her yellow fur. “Hm?” Fluttershy questioned as his fingers drifted lower on her back, still firmly pressing and rubbing into the tissue. “Mackie, what are you doi-… OH!” Her eyes shot open wide as her stallion’s fingers began to massage the muscles at the base of her wings. Her pinfeathers bristled slightly as small pulses of please started to make their way through her wings and to her brain.

        “Just givin’ mah wife everythin’ she deserves.” He whispered directly into her ear, pushing his fingers firmer into the twitching muscles. Macintosh knew what happened to a pegasus when you gave their wings that kind of special attention, and he watched the results first-hand as his wife started to lost the ability to speak. Her breaths only coming out in short, happy pants and groans as he moved some of his attentions from the base of her wing onto the stiffened appendages. One hand brushing teasingly through her feathers and against the thin skin covering the raw nerves and bone, while the other moved its firm pressing from the muscles in the center of her back to directly underneath the wing. When his fingers began their treatment there Fluttershy softly cried out and her back arched as another wave of bliss wracked her body.

        Big Macintosh’s ministrations began to pick up their pace, his massages alternating between gentle grazes and firm kneading every few seconds. The hand pleasuring her actual wing started moving quickly from the very tip of her wing, down to the base to mimic its twin’s motions. Every so often he would lean in and give passing kisses and nibbles to her wings, drawing even more lust filled sounds from Fluttershy’s mouth. The red stallion took in and enjoyed every moment of his wife’s pleasure from his erotic massage. The way that she squirmed while trying to bring his hands back a particularly sensitive spot on her wing, the hot and heavy panting that was escalating in pitch every second he spent touching her. Her wings were stiff as boards and twitching one moment, and starting to loosen and flap the next.  He could see the sweat forming on her brow as her face was turned to the side, a single turquoise eye turned on him; watching his every move. He watched her legs starting to grind against one another as the pleasure emanating from her back started to manifest itself in other ways.          

        “Y-you’re such a d-d-darn tease…” she managed to gasp out before she gave a hefty groan and her wings stiffened again. Her broken cries had become almost loud enough to be mistaken for a normal pony, signaling to him just how into the massage she had become.  

        “What’s that,” Macintosh asked in a playfully mocking tone, “ya want me to stop?” He removed his hands from her convulsing wings and sat back. Immediately his actions were followed by a needy whine from Fluttershy. Her wings flapped of their own accord, searching desperately for the source of its previous pleasures. She gave a small whimper and he could see a wanting tear form in the corner of her eye.

        “M-Mac, please…” she whimpered pleadingly, “don-don’t stop now.”

        “Do ya want more?” he asked, tracing a single finger up and down the length of her left wing, which shuddered under the light brush.

        “Hnnngggg…” Fluttershy whined as she tightly hugged one of the decorative throw pillows on the couch, “Yes, please Mackie, I want it. I-I need it.”

        Macintosh gave a slight chuckle, “As you wish,” and immediately set his hands back onto the sensitive appendages, not bothering to build her up but rather starting exactly where he’d left off. Fluttershy cried out again as Macintosh massaged, brushed, tickled, and kissed every single spot he could find that would drive her wild.

        “M-more, Mackie. Oh Celestia, p-please, mORE!” Fluttershy’s mind was drowning in a sea of near orgasmic bliss, and all she was capable of doing in those moments were to beg, and Macintosh more than enthusiastically answered her pleas; not allowing a single inch of her twitching wings to go untouched.

        Her feathers had become askew and her tongue had all but fallen out of her mouth while Big Macintosh worked fervently to bring her to that inevitable peak of pleasure. Her wings now spread themselves stiff as boards, unwavering and fully accepting of the desirable assault upon them. Her cries echoed around their cottage growing increasing louder and needier.

        Fluttershy finally gave one last sonorous scream, her entire body stiffening for an instant before she fell completely limp into the sofa, her wings drooping to her sides; her eyes completely glazed over and unfocused while a wide smile adorned her lips.

        Macintosh smiled down at his handiwork and rubbed a hand softly through the feathers on her left wing. There’s a reason that touching a pegasus wing is considered taboo amongst all of ponykind; and that is because on the pegasus body the wings are one of the most sensitive areas on the body. When touched properly it brings vast sensations of pleasure to the pegasus, and when touched properly for long enough then what can only be described as a “winggasm” occurs. But because wings have no real means of release, all of the hormones and endorphins that usually fade after a normal orgasm are left to stew in the brain until the body can sort them out, effectively rendering a pegasus a loose pile of wings and pony, capable of nothing but feeling absolute bliss for minutes on end.

        Macintosh remembered back to the first time Fluttershy had allowed him to give her a wing massage. She’d been so nervous and guilty about being able to leap into a void of pure sexual bliss without him, but after she’d finally reached her end it wasn’t even close to the first thing on her mind. And now, just as then, he spent the long minutes massaging her back and whispering sweet nothings into her ear, making sure that nothing could ruin her well-deserved time of bliss.

        Macintosh watched and waited as the look of comprehension slowly returned back into her cerulean eyes, and the deep, rhythmic breaths she had been taking hitched a little while she returned back to reality. Her wings fluttered a little bit and slowly folded themselves back into their normal positions. Fluttershy rolled over onto her back and looked up at her husband with half-lidded eyes, a dainty smile painted on her lips.

        “How was i-…” Big Macintosh began to ask, but before he could finish his sentence Fluttershy’s hand had shot its way down into the front of his jeans and had a gentle grip on his fully erect cock.

        “I want you….upstairs in bed…right now…” Fluttershy muttered, her train of thought broken by occasional gasps, the last remnants of her minutes in nirvana fading. She emphasized her desire with a few firm tugs on his penis, drawing out low grunts on each upstroke. Macintosh leaned down and wrapped his arms under her legs and around her shoulders, preparing to carry her up to their bedroom. But before he could lift her off the couch she placed her other hand on his chest and pushed him slightly back. “No, Mackie, you go on up without me. I have a special surprise waiting for you.” She reached up and grabbed the back of his head and pulled his ear to her mouth, “And I swear to Celestia, if I find a single scrap of clothing left on your body by the time I get up there, I’ll cock-tease you until you’re so hard you’ll be begging for it like a college student.”

        Big Macintosh shivered in excitement and let Fluttershy go, her hand sliding out of his pants as he stood up straight. She gave him a foxy smile and stretched her arms behind her head, laying back in what he recognized as one of the more provocative poses she’d done for a magazine during her modeling career. “Go on,” she cooed, “don’t keep me waiting.”

        The red stallion didn’t hesitate for another second, turning about and heading directly up the stairs to their room. Opening the familiar door into their bedroom, Big Macintosh took a deep breath and smiled that still nothing had really changed. The same green comforter lay on their bed, the smell of Fluttershy’s sweet, strawberry perfume still lingered in the air. Kicking off his shoes the old rug still felt soft beneath his feet. He walked over to the large window positioned next to their bed and pulled open the curtains. The room was immediately flooded with pale moonlight and he gazed up at the bright moon illuminating the night sky.

        “Mackie, I hope you’re ready.” He heard his wife call from down the hallway. Big Macintosh speedily stripped off his jeans and threw them into a corner of the room. He’d just sat down on the edge of their bed and yanked off his socks when Fluttershy rounded the corner and stepped into the bedroom.

        When he looked at his wife, Big Macintosh was first struck with astonishment, and then arousal as a grin spread itself across his face. There, illuminated in the bright light of Equestria’s moon, stood the most beautiful mare in all of Equestria in his doorway, dressed in the skimpiest, most revealing negligee he’d ever seen. The thin, dark fabric that barely ran down to her hips did nothing to truly cover her breasts, and he could see her perky nipples with ease. His eyes ran down her body slowly, taking it’s time to soak in every detail. She donned a pair of black, lacy panties, and her legs were adorned with sleek black stockings that stopped just above her knees.

        But while her garments looked like something a daring temptress of the night would wear, the way she stood in the doorway was still one hundred percent Fluttershy. One arm crossed over her stomach to grab at her other elbow, while her left leg bent forwards slightly. She’d pulled most of her hair back into a ponytail, but Celestia help him some of her pink mane still hung demurely over one eye; the other eye twinkling like starlight. A nervous smile was on her face and he could see her tense a little bit as the blush on her cheeks deepened a shade. He felt his member throb with anticipation at the very sight of her, and he offered her a warm smile in return.  

“Do you like it?” Fluttershy asked, a little apprehensively, “I asked Rarity to make it for me for when you came back.” She looked down and drew a line in front of her with her toes, “She said it was what all the stallions were going crazy for in Canterlot.”

        Big Macintosh grinned and leaned back on the palms of his hands, “Shy, I swear if you were any more beautiful right now I’d already be rutting you against the wall like it was goin’ out of style.” That seemed to give Fluttershy a bit more confidence and she sauntered over to him, letting her hips sway seductively, and her tail slowly flowing and waving with the movements.

Putting her knees on the bed she straddled him at the waist, letting the head of his stiff cock rubbing against the silky fabric of her panties, making him moan. The fingers of her right hand tracing up his neck to his chin, lifting it slightly so that their lips were separated only by a hairsbreadth. “If that’s where you want to do it, then I’d be happy to oblige,” she whispered before closing the gap and pressing their lips firmly together. Macintosh grabbed her by the hips and leaned backwards, careful not to separate the two of them, until she was fully laying on top of him.

He gingerly slipped his thumbs into the waistband of her frilly undergarments and pulled down, letting his thumbs tickle and tease their way down her legs until the black fabric had slipped down to her ankles, where she kicked them off the edge of the bed. He could feel her naked slit resting against his pulsing erection, her arousal leaving a wet trail wherever it touched against him.

Fluttershy’s kissing became more eager once she felt his cock resting against her bare arousal and she ground her hips up and down against him, taking pleasure in the feeling of every excited twitch against her. She broke apart from him for a second, looking down into his emerald eyes, “It didn’t take very long to lose those, did it?” she giggled.

“Yeah,” Mac said, giving her naked ass a firm slap, “but I guess that just means that somepony is getting really into it.” Fluttershy smirked and wrapped her arms around his neck, leaning to the side until she pulled Macintosh back on top of her.

“Then why don’t you show me how much you’re into it?” She purred, running her hands through the hair on the back of his head. Big Macintosh guided his cock to rest against her pussy, slowly grinding his way back and forth against the hot slit beneath him. Fluttershy gave quiet gasps and chewed on her bottom lip, anxiously awaiting him to dive into her.

Macintosh drew back one final time before allowing the head of his penis to rest at her entrance. He could feel her quivering against him in anticipation against him and he didn’t wait a single second longer. Pushing his hips forward he heard her breath become ragged as he entered her, letting out his own happy groan as her hot cunt took him in readily.

He slid in slowly, allowing himself to take pleasure in every little squeak and moan that Fluttershy eked out as he buried himself within her. He heard her give a long and low sigh as he bottomed out inside of her and smiled down at her. “You ready for some Big Mac lovin’ tonight?” he asked, punctuating the question with a solid nip on the side of her neck.

Fluttershy hugged him tighter and gave him a coy grin, “I’m more than ready.”

There were no more need for words as Big Macintosh drew back slowly until he had almost completely exited her, and then hammered himself back home. Fluttershy cried out in pleasure as she felt his cock spear into her, satisfying urges that had been building up for the better part of the past three years. “Oh f-fuck,” she moaned into his ear as he pulled back and slammed into her once more.

Big Macintosh started to sweat as he drove himself over and over into his beloved, her impassioned cries of “Mac,” and “Please don’t stop,” encouraging him to push himself harder and deeper into her tight depths. Her pussy gripped at him like a vice, grinding her inner walls against his cock every time he withdrew in an effort to keep him in for just a moment longer.

While Mac continued his furious pumping his right hand snuck its way across her stomach, and under her thin, gray lingerie to grope at her breast. Fluttershy couldn’t hold back her desperate cry as his index finger and thumb pinched at the sensitive nipple, while Macintosh simultaneously jackhammered into her.

Fluttershy’s fingers started digging shallow furrows into his back as her feet came up to hook into the small of his back, “Yes, Mac, faster. Harder. Please…” she moaned into his ear, peppering kisses along his neckline. Big Macintosh heeded her pleas and pushed himself even harder. The sweat from their intense lovemaking dripping off his body as he trust into her with near reckless abandon.

“M-Mac, I’m going t-to…” Fluttershy cried out, pulling him tightly against her as she felt her end drawing ever closer.

“Me too.” Was all Mac was capable of grunting out, his mind lost in the sound of sweaty skin slapping against sweaty skin, the smell of sex, and the looming horizon of his own pleasure.

Fluttershy’s moans and cries became ever more boisterous with each passing thrust, growing louder and louder until eventually she let one final, lust filled scream. Big Macintosh felt it was Fluttershy released a rush of hot fluids across his member, causing his member to slide in and out of her even faster and greatly amplifying his own sensations.

“Holy fuck, Shy, I’m…I’m…” Big Macintosh gave one final thrust, pushing into her as deep as he could and giving a long groan as he spent himself inside of her. She moaned in tandem with him as Fluttershy felt his hot load shoot into her tight depths. The hard twitches that his member gave with each shot pushed and grinded him against her in ways that made him moan and cum even harder. The two of them stayed in that position for what seemed to them like forever, the sweat from Macintosh’s chest dripping down onto Fluttershy’s bosom, each getting lost in the other’s eyes.

Eventually Big Macintosh rolled over onto his back and tucked an arm under Fluttershy’s shoulders. The exhausted pegasus cuddled up next to her husband moving onto her side and draping an arm across his chest. “Damn, I’ve missed that.” She muttered, putting a hand over his heart and gently rubbing it.

“Eeyup,” Mac replied, still catching his breath from their intense love making session.

“It’s been really lonely without you around.” She mumbled, “I’m so glad you’re...” she yawmed and fell asleep before she could finish her sentence, buried tightly against the love of her life.

Big Macintosh gave a gentle smile and wrapped his other arm around her, pulling her against his chest. “Don’t you worry, Fluttershy, I ain’t going nowhere ever again.”
Returning Home
Big Macintosh has been at war for the past three years. He's missed his home. He's missed his family. He's missed his wife. But now he's coming home, and his wife has a few surprises waiting for him.

Edited by BobtheLurker. A friend and ally in the good fight for FlutterMac.
Hey everybody, it's your friendly neighborhood Gentlecolt here with an update with why I've been so inactive for so long. The short and simple answer is College. Classes and dorms and meal plans and the whole nine yards. It's a bad excuse for why I haven't been posting a lot but it's the best one I have so far. But here are some things that I hope make up for the absence. 

Let's start with the simplest. I've finally found some time in my schedule to set aside from school for writing so I'll be making all haste towards the next few chapters :D

Next: I have seen Equestria Girls in all of its...ummm...glory...and I have to say that it really wasn't as bad as I'd heard it was but it still had me saying "wut" about every 5 minutes or so. What're your thoughts? Because this is like the 3rd or 4th "End of the Fandom" I've survived through. 

Next on the agenda is one that had me both happy and nervous at the same time. Someone did a reading of "Afternoon Love: A FlutterMac Tale" on YouTube (no, I will not provide a link). When I first saw it I nearly burst into tears. Someone decided that MY story was worth public reading. It was almost to much for me. It's not the best reading I've ever heard but it's something. 

Finally, the thing that has gotten me the most hyped for Season 4. According to this video (… ) not only is Big Macintosh going to get his own song but FlutterMac may become canon as well :D :D :D. Mind you that I did take this video with a bit of salt because obviously not everything on the internet is going to be true, but I'm going to choose to be optimistic about this one. 

Hope to be posting the next chapter and/or story in the nearby future for you all. Thanks for the patience :3 



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