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July 29, 2012
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A few days had passed ever since Big Macintosh had been trapped by the storm at Fluttershy's house and both of the ponies had been wrapped in their thoughts since that day. When Big Macintosh had arrived home the next morning Applejack had indeed been upset with him.  "Big Macintosh Apple!! What the day do you think you're doin' showin up at the farm in tha mornin' when we was expectin' ya home last night?!" Applejack had said as she stormed up to him. "AJ you know that there was a storm last night. I got trapped at Fluttershy's house and stayed the night. There's no need ta get all mad; I'm here now." Applejacks eyes opened a little wider and she got less mad, she let out a vicious grin "Oh well then Big Macintosh, stayin' at tha cottage with Fluttershy. Hope you managed to keep to yourself." Macintosh glared down at his sister. "Let's just get ta work pickin' up tha mess that that storm left us last night."  Applejack smirked, following behind her brother "Alright bro alright. No need to get all offended, just pokin' fun atcha." Big Macintosh just snorted and went into the barn to get the cart thinking "It's gonna be a long day."

Fluttershy floated into town to gather some supplies from Sugarcube Corner, pick up some vegetables from Carrot Top's store, and maybe stop at Twilight's library to pick up a new book. She was still lost in the thoughts of what had happened just a few nights before. Ever since that storm she still felt like he was in the bed with her. She could still hear his heartbeat before she slept and her pillows still carried his scent on them. "I need to stop thinking about these things" she thought, "he's just not interested in a homely little filly like me. " "Fluttershy!!"

Fluttershy was jerked from her thoughts by the sound of her friend Pinkie Pie. "Oh I'm sorry Pinkie; what did you say?" Her ecstatic pink friend was bouncing in front of her bright eyed and cheery as always. "Well that's what I was asking you silly! You just walked in the store and I said, "Hi Fluttershy", and you just sort of ignored me. So I said, "Hi Fluttershy" again and you just sorta strolled around looking at the pastries so I thought you must've been reallyreally sad because you weren't talking to me so I thought "maybe I can cheer her up" so I said "What can I get for you?" and you still didn't answer so I walked over and said "Fluttershy!!" and then you looked up at me and then said "Oh I'm sorry Pinkie. What did you say." So then I explained what happened and now we're here. So what's up?"

Fluttershy took a moment to process everything that Pinkie had just said "Oh, well, I just wanted to pick up a recipe for some carrot cake. Angel's birthday is coming up and I just want to surprise him this year."  "Ohh well then I can do that for you." Pinkie Pie bounced behind the counter and started rummaging through her box of recipes. "You know, I've always wondered how somepony would know when a rabbit's birthday is. I mean it's not like they can really tell you, since they can't talk and all that. And what about…"

Fluttershy tuned out Pinkie as she went into a ramble about whatever.  It was something that you learned to do over time when hanging out with the talkative party pony. "Maybe I should go and talk to him. But then maybe that'll just be making it awkward for him and he may never want to talk to me again." Fluttershy lightly tapped her hoof on the ground in frustration, wrestling with her own feelings, and thoughts. "Here ya go Fluttershy. This'll be the best carrot cake that little rabbit of yours is ever going to taste."  

Fluttershy took the recipe from Pinkie, mumbled a thank you, keeping her head down, and walked out of Sugarcube Corner. "Hmm," Pinkie thought as she watched Fluttershy walk out of the sweets shop "something really MUST be going on with Fluttershy if she's that distracted. Maybe I can figure out what's wrong by asking Rainbow Dash, or maybe Rarity. But first, I'm going to make myself some yummy awesome cupcakes." Pinkie then jumped back behind the counter and started whipping up some cupcakes.

Fluttershy kept walking towards Carrot Top's garden shop. Not watching where she was really going, she let her mind wander where it may. "I'd really like to go and see him again. Oh but would that be too assertive. I don't want to make him uncomfortable or anything. Maybe he doesn't want to be reminded about that night. Ohh what am I going to do." She shook her head as she reached the garden shop. "Alright then, I'll think about this when I get home. But for now I've got to concentrate on getting everything for Angel's birthday." But even as she walked into the store, going through the grocery list of what she needed mentally, she couldn't stop her mind from going back to the big red workhorse from a few days before.

"Hey Fluttershy," said the orange haired mare, "what do you need today?" "Well I'm going to be making a carrot cake, so I guess I'm going to need some carrots please. Umm some lettuce for the rabbits and maybe some seeds for the birds." Fluttershy said politely. "Ok coming right up." Carrot Top responded with a smile. She strolled around her shop, cheerily gathering the vegetables Fluttershy had asked for. "I need to go into the back of the store for the seeds; you don't mind waiting here for a minute do you?" "Oh it's no bother." Fluttershy said.

Carrot Top walked back into the rear of her store and Fluttershy was once again alone with herself. Fluttershy walked around the store, looking at the various vegetation that the mare with the green hoof was so successful at growing. She heard the bell at the front of the store ring which signaled that somepony else had entered the store. Fluttershy stood for a minute waiting but no one said anything. "Well I don't want whoever's at the door to leave just because they don't think that anyone's here." she thought.

Fluttershy walked through the rows of the store towards the front. She peeked out from around the final row to see who it was and was greeted by the sight of a large red stallion with orange hair. Fluttershy covered her mouth with a hoof to stop herself from squeaking as she ducked back behind the row. Her heart was beating quickly and heavily as she thought about how Big Macintosh was only a few steps away from her. "Hello; Miss. Carrot Top, are ya here?" he asked to the still store. Fluttershy took a few deep breathes to try and steady her nerves. "You're going to have to talk to him sooner or later." She thought as she tried to work up the nerve to walk out and talk to him. "Miss. Carrot Top?" Big Macintosh's voice moved deeper into the store and Fluttershy slowly followed behind the row, trying to stay low. "Alright Fluttershy," Fluttershy thought to herself "on the count of three go out and say "Hi". One…Two…Three" Fluttershy stepped out from behind the row, "Fluttershy I have your seeds!" somepony called.

Fluttershy jumped from her own pent up anxiety as Carrot Top shouted for her from the counter. Big Macintosh looked over at the small yellow pegasus that had emerged from behind the row next to him. "Oh hello Big Macintosh…I umm…I didn't know you were here." Fluttershy whispered, trying to hide her face behind her hair. "Howdy Fluttershy, I didn't know you was here either. I'm just picking up some mulch from Miss. Carrot Top for tha gardens. What're ya here for; if ya don't mind me askin." "Oh I'm just umm getting some vegetables for the animals back home, and some seed for the birds to eat." "Which I have right here." Said Carrot Top impatiently, tapping her hoof on the floor.  "Oh I'm sorry Carrot Top. I didn't mean to make you wait." Fluttershy responded as she put down a few bits to pay for the vegetables. "You know, other ponies have things to do with their days." she said sarcastically as she swept the money into her register.

Fluttershy picked up the basket filled with carrots and lettuce and placed the bag of bird seed on her back. Big Macintosh saw the strain the heavy bag put on her muscles. "Do ya need any help carrying that home?" asked Macintosh with a small frown on his face. "N-No. I have it. I don't want to inconvenience you." Fluttershy said meekly as she walked as fast as she could towards the store door, trying to get away from Big Macintosh so he wouldn't notice the blush on her face. "Well I don't think…" Big Macintosh had started to protest, but it was too late. Fluttershy had exited the building.

He shook his head in wonder and looked back to the small light orange mare in front of him. "Is it just me or does Fluttershy seem more… antisocial than usual?" she asked as she walked over with Macintosh to get the bags of mulch. "Eeyup." Big Macintosh responded picking up a bag in his teeth and placing it on his back. "If you ask me, I would say she's not even in Equestria anymore. She's off somewhere in her own little world." "Eeyup" responded Big Macintosh slowly, not really following what Carrot Top was saying. "I think," she said trotting back behind the counter, "that she's got a colt on her mind."

At these words, Big Macintosh's ears perked up.  His heart rate picked up a little at the thought of Fluttershy being interested in anyone. "Oh really?" he said, trying to not let his feelings show in his voice. "Yeah; it'll be good for that poor nervous mare to have a special somepony in her life. Just so long as he's as sweet and caring as she is."  She said looking toward the door that Fluttershy had just walked out of.  "Eeyup" Big Macintosh turned towards the door and started to walk out "Thanks for coming. Be back soon" Carrot Top called out behind Big Macintosh. When he had left Carrot Top shook her head to herself, smiling. "Those two." she mumbled, grabbing a watering can and walking out of the store.

"Interested in a colt she says?" thought Big Macintosh as he walked through Ponyville, "I wonder who it could be." Big Macintosh wasn't one to get jealous, in fact, he'd never really felt it before. But something about hearing that Fluttershy could be interested in somepony made him want to find out who it was as soon as possible. "Well it ain't any of your business, Big Macintosh." He scolded himself. "It's her business who she's interested in and her's alone." But no matter how much Macintosh told himself to let it be and scolded himself he couldn't help but feel tightness in his chest at the idea.

He turned a corner and saw Fluttershy still carrying the bag of seeds on her back. She was walking slowly and he saw her legs trembling under her from the weight. And yet nopony stopped to help her out. Macintosh gave a deep frown and walked up behind her. She didn't notice him at all. "Fluttershy, do you need help?" he asked softly. She gave no response though. "Guess Miss. Carrot Top was right. Off in her own little world."

Big Macintosh grabbed the bag of seeds gently in his teeth and lifted it off of the mare's back. Immediately Fluttershy's back straightened, and her legs stopped shaking. "Did I drop it?" he heard her ask herself as she searched around herself for the bag of seeds. When her eyes came to Big Macintosh's hooves her eyes moved up his legs until they came to his face.

Big Macintosh smiled behind the bag in his teeth. "Hey there Fluttershy. Ya looked like ya needed some help there." Fluttershy stared at him for a second before she squeaked a little and darted behind a building. Big Macintosh looked a little surprised as she peaked her head from around the corner. He laid the bag on his back along with the mulch and walked over to her. "Now come on Fluttershy, I'm just tryin' ta help ya." he said as he rounded the corner she was at. "Oh I'm so sorry Big Macintosh I just wasn't expecting you to do that. Oh I must be so terribly rude." "It's all ok Fluttershy. It's my pleasure really."

Fluttershy floated up to Big Macintosh's back and tried to lift the bag of birdseed off of him. "Oh, I can get this now. I'll be fine. Please, I don't want to burden you with any of my work."  Big Macintosh stepped away from Fluttershy, the bag slipping out of her hooves before she could even try to lift it. "No Fluttershy, I can't let ya do that. This bags to heavy for ya to try an' carry on your own, so I'll do it for ya."  "Oh no I really can do it by myself.." "No." Big Macintosh said firmly "I'm gonna carry this bag home for ya and there ain't gonna be any if , ands, or buts about it." "Umm… ok I guess if it's ok with you." Fluttershy said meekly.

Big Macintosh started walking in the direction of Fluttershy's cottage and the yellow pegasus mare followed close behind him. They walked in silence for a few moments both of them keeping to their own thoughts. "Should I talk to him? Oh but I don't know what I'd say or what he'd say. What if he doesn't want to talk to me. But if I don't say anything would it be rude? Ohh what am I going to do?" Fluttershy thought darting her eyes between Big Macintosh in front of her and the ground. Butterflies danced in her stomach making her all the more uncomfortable.  

"Come on Big Macintosh you know you'd just make her uncomfortable by bringing it up." Big Macintosh thought to himself as he walked. "Her life. Not yours." Ever since he'd found Fluttershy he'd been unable to shake the urge to ask her if she had anypony in her life. Every time he thought of her with a stallion it almost sent a shiver up his spine. He didn't understand why. He hardly knew this mare and on the other hoof she was also one of Applejacks closest friends. Every now and again he would shake his head trying to clear it of those thoughts but no matter what he did they returned.

"So what are all the extra vegetables for? I know ya got a lot of animals ta take care of but it seems like ya got quite a few extra carrots in there." he said, trying to break the awkward tension. "Oh. Well umm it's Angel Bunny's birthday in a few days and I wanted to make him a carrot cake." "Oh well that's a mighty fine idea Fluttershy." "Umm thanks." Fluttershy whispered. "Ya know, I've been wondering how you and Angel met." Said Macintosh, trying to keep the conversation alive.

"Well it happened years and years ago, a few years after I fell from Cloudsdale actually. I told you about that right?" "Eeyup." said Macintosh, lightly smiling at the memory "Well a few years after I fell down I started to get more accustomed to living down here near the Everfree forest. One day I was out looking for any creature that might need my help. I came across and area where it looked like there might have been a fight. There was a small bunny that looked like she was really badly hurt. I rushed over to try and help her. She was really badly hurt, and there were scars all over her sides and…a-a lot of blood," Fluttershy shivered a little at the memory and started to tear up. "When I tried to help her she..she was barely breathing but when I tried to pick her up to help her she *sniff* she didn't try to get up. Instead she just moved her arm up a little and underneath was a little baby bunny. After she showed it to me she stop-stop-stopped breathing and…" Fluttershy was crying now, tears free flowing down her face. "I'm sorry I had ya tell that story Shy I really am. I didn't mean ta make ya cry none I was just…" he was cut short when she flew up and threw her hooves around his neck and cried onto his neck.

He stood there for a second completely stunned before he slowly lowered his neck down so she could stand on the ground. "I'm so sorry Fluttershy. I didn't know that that story was so…I'm sorry. So sorry" he whispered into her ear, trying to comfort her. "It-it's ok Big Macintosh" she sobbed into his mane. He stood there for a minute letting her calm down. Her crying reduced to sobbing slowly, and then into some heavy, shuddering, breaths. "I'm so sorry Shy. I really didn't mean to make you cry." Fluttershy sniffled a little and said shakily "I know Big Macintosh. I know you didn't mean too."  She wiped her eyes off with her hooves and straightened her ruffled hair a little. "Let's just..let's just go."  She said, slowly walking back towards her cottage.

Big Macintosh followed slowly behind her, ashamed still that he had made the most delicate mare in Ponyville cry, whether it was intentional or not. But he thought of how she had hugged him and how it had made him feel when she'd wrapped her arms around him. When they arrived at her cottage Big Macintosh placed the bird seed on the front porch. "Welp here we are Fluttershy. Thank you for letting me carries this home for ya. And umm I'm sorry." Without waiting for a reply Big Macintosh started walking back to Sweet Apple Acres.

"Stupid, stupid, stupid!!" Big Macintosh thought to himself as he walked the dirt road home. "How can I go an' do such a stupid thing as asking her about her personal life?" he scolded. He hit his head with a hoof. "That's what ya get for prying. Ya made the poor filly cry and now she probably hates ya."  He sighed and kicked the dirt as he walked.

Every time he thought about how she had hugged him while crying it set his stomach fluttering and brought a small blush to his cheeks. "I oughta be ashamed of myself for this." He thought repeatedly shaking his head, trying to clear out the feelings. "She's small and delicate. You're big and rough. Nothing can happen; all I'll do is end up hurting her in ways she don't deserve." "Umm Big Macintosh?" whispered a small voice behind him. He had been enveloped in his thoughts of self-loathing that he'd never noticed that he'd been followed.

Big Macintosh whipped around to look at the small mare that had been following him home. He moved around so fast it completely took Fluttershy by surprise and she ducked down on her stomach and covered her head, whimpering lightly.

Big Macintosh took a slow, deep, breath and exhaled "See Macintosh; what'd ya tell yourself." He thought, walking back to her. "I'm sorry Fluttershy, I didn't mean ta scare ya. You just took me by surprise is all." Fluttershy stood back up and brushed herself off. "Oh I'm sorry I didn't mean to startle you I just…" she couldn't finish her sentence, instead looking down at the ground and shuffling her forehooves. "Is there, um, anything you need?" he asked cautiously, not sure what was going on or what to do.

"Oh I don't need anything really. It's just that… you seemed really upset when you left my home a few minutes ago and I thought that maybe I'd upset you and I don't want anypony mad at me."  She meekly said to the ground. "Well I wasn't upset with ya Fluttershy. If anything I guess I was more upset with myself." He responded, trying to keep his voice low. "Why would you be mad at yourself Macintosh?" Fluttershy asked with genuine concern in her voice.

Big Macintosh wasn't sure whether or not to lie to her. But her eyes and his feelings won out for him. "Well Miss. Shy, first off, I just came up and took the bag of seeds right off your back without asking or nothing," he started walking again and Fluttershy followed close behind, "and then I went and asked ya personal questions, that ain't none of my business, and in the end I just made ya cry." He hung his head in shame as he tried to look away from Fluttershy. "But Big Macintosh….when you-you picked the bird seed off of me it was very sweet of you. It was really heavy and nopony was helping me and umm you saw that I needed help and…it was very gentlecoltly of you. And I know you didn't mean to make me cry like that," she avoided eye contact with Macintosh, looking away from him, "and when I did start to cry you didn't complain or anything when I started crying into your mane. Which I'm really sorry for. You've done nothing wrong, it really my fault…"

Fluttershy realized that she'd walked past Big Macintosh while she had been talking. She looked back and he was staring at her, almost unblinking. "Umm Big Macintosh?" she asked as she slowly walked back to him. "Fluttershy," he said slowly "it's not your fault. None of it is." Fluttershy blinked "None of it?" "Nope." He was almost whispering now, trying to hold back something in his voice. "I never meant for anything to feel like it was your fault. I never meant for this to…" his voice broke a little. He wasn't about to cry but something in him caused him to break a little on the inside. Fluttershy was scared that she'd done something wrong and had hurt Big Macintosh. "Follow me. I want to show you something." He whispered. She followed him as he walked off the beaten path and into the acres towards the Everfree forest.

They walked in silence into the forest, walking past the graves of his forefathers, until they walked into a small area that was almost clear of trees. Sunlight hit down into a glade casting everything in a warm glow. A small stream ran through the center of it and a few trees provided shade. It was a picture perfect representation of nature in all its glory. Big Macintosh lay down on his stomach by the stream and dipped in a hoof. Fluttershy slowly walked over and lay by him. She'd never been in this part of the Everfree Forest before. "This is where I like to come and think." Big Macintosh said to his reflection in the gently moving water. "When Applejack went to Manehatten I didn't know how to respond. I couldn't cry in front of Granny so I just walked into the forest. I just walked and walked and didn't even think about where I was going. I just found myself here. And I lay down by this stream and cried. When I couldn't cry anymore I looked into the water and saw myself. I saw some colt looking back at me that was just hurt and sad. I decided then that I wasn't going to be that colt. Ah made up my mind that day that I was going to be a colt that I could be proud of. A colt that could protect what he cares about, a colt that would never break down or cry again, and I ain't since that day. Every time ah feel like I'm letting myself and my family down I'll come here and think about that day. And now I feel like…like…I'm doing things I ain't proud of."

Fluttershy had remained silent throughout the entire story. Looking into the stallion's sad green eyes, and trying to imagine him as a small colt. She saw it. She saw young Macintosh lying on his stomach, right where Big Macintosh was, she saw his tears splashing in the water, and she saw him looking down with the silent look of grim determination. And she looked now at the stallion he had become and thought of all the pent up emotion that must lay in him if he had just…bottled it up for years.

He remained silent; looking down at the water. She moved a little closer and laid her head against his chest. His heartbeat was as slow and steady as it had been the morning she'd last heard it, but the longer her head stayed on his chest, the faster it seemed to sound. "It's alright Macintosh. I don't know of anything that you've done that you could be ashamed of and I don't think that you're capable of doing anything of the sort." She gently whispered. "Fluttershy." he started to say but Fluttershy shushed him with a hoof. And they lay in silence. Fluttershy's head pushed against his chest and Big Macintosh just stared out into the forest. Neither of them complained.

They lay there for what felt like, to them, only a few minutes but the sun started to set and Macintosh knew that it was time for them to go. He gently shook Fluttershy back into reality. "Mmm" she mumbled not wanting to move. "Fluttershy, the sun's setting. We've got to go." Fluttershy gently sighed and stretched her wings out. Gently yawning she looked at Macintosh and blushed. "Oh dear." She whispered "I've taken up all of your day and I'm sure you had a lot of work to do today."

Big Macintosh stood up and stretched his long legs. "There's no problem Fluttershy. It was…it was nice to spend the afternoon with you." He blushed furiously. He looked up into the sky to try and hide the color in his face from the mare who had just lay against him until the sun had begun to fall. "I'd…enjoy doing this again sometime I suppose." "Why not tonight?" she asked gently. "Hmm?" he said curiously, looking down at her. "Well you…  you showed me a special place that you hold dearest to your heart. I think that it would only be fair if I… showed you mine. That is, if you don't mind.". Big Macintosh raised an eyebrow. "It's really not necessary Fluttershy. I don't want you to feel obligated to do anything." "But I don't feel obligated. I want to show you it. But, if you don't want to that's fine." Fluttershy was looking at the ground again, not wanting her deep, red blush to show.  

Big Macintosh sighed gently "Alright Fluttershy. I'll be glad to accompany you ta anyplace you may want ta show me." "Great. Could you meet me at my cottage later tonight then, please?" "That's just fine by me Fluttershy." He walked her back to the dirt road where they had branched off. He watched as her form walked away and didn't move until she was just a speck.

He let out a slow and heavy breath and closed his eyes. His heart was still beating hard from the afternoon and he focused on slowing it down. As he turned home and walked, his thoughts swimming with the possibilities of what could happen when he came over to Fluttershy's cottage later that night.

When Fluttershy got home she floated into her room and closed the door behind her. She glided over to her bed and lay down, burying her head in the pillow that Macintosh had used. She took in a deep breath of air, pulling his lingering scent into her nostril, and, with the same breath, screamed into it. "Ahhhhhhhh." She screamed gently, a feat known only to be capable of her. Her heart was beating harder than it ever had in her life, like it was trying to escape from her chest, or that it would burst. She caught her breath and slowed down. But her thoughts just kept racing. "Why did I do that? Something as bold as just inviting him over here; oh and what if he gets the wrong idea." She took in one last deep breath to steady herself, got out of bed, put on her normal small smile and went about her business feeding the animals in her home. But with every minute that passed the knot that was forming in her stomach grew tighter.

Celestia lowered her sun below the horizon and Luna raised the moon to take its place.) Big Macintosh walked slowly to Fluttershy's cottage; every step he took that brought him closer was something he almost had to force out of himself. When he saw the house he stopped. "Now's the time to turn away if you want Macintosh." Something in his head told him. He shook those thoughts out and kept walking shakily.

Big Macintosh stepped onto the porch and stood in front of the door. He steeled his nerves and gently knocked. "I'll be there in a moment." He heard her call from inside her abode. "NOW MACINTOSH NOW!! RUN FOR IT!! NOW OR NEVER GO GO GO!!" the voice in his head was screaming now.  Big Macintosh felt himself backing up slowly but stopped himself. He wasn't going to run. When Fluttershy opened the door the voice quieted itself. He looked down on the yellow pegasus mare; she was shuffling her forehooves and looking down.

"Hello Big Macintosh." She said timidly. "Hello Fluttershy." He responded, sounding braver than he felt. "Umm let's…let's go." Fluttershy guided Macintosh behind her house and into the Everfree Forest. He saw that they were on a lightly visible trail. "She must come back here often." He thought, watching her walk in the pale moon light.

They walked deep into the forest and Macintosh followed her as she ascended a hill.  They stopped as the top of the hill plateaued. Fluttershy lay down and looked up at the sky that was now dotted with stars. Macintosh gently lay by her and looked out. He could see why she had wanted to come out here at night. The moonlight lay over the entire forest giving it a gentle eerie glow. The trees were like white shadows and the entire landscape was like something out of a dream.

Big Macintosh took time to survey his surroundings before the turned his attention back to the mare he was with. Her mane outlined her face and her eyes sparkled as she looked at the night sky, the moon reflecting in them like pools of crystal clear water. She was just so beautiful. She looked like she belonged here. Big Macintosh shifted closer nervously, not wanting to seem pushy. But Fluttershy moved closer to him as well and the two met in the middle.

Fluttershy laid her head on Macintosh's shoulder and continued to look into the sky. "I come here whenever I think about my parents." She said after a few minutes of comfortable silence. Big Macintosh tensed. Nopony had ever met Fluttershy's parents and she never talked about them. "I've never met them." She said quietly. This caused Big Macintosh to tense up even more, after what happened the last time she'd talked about her personal life he didn't want her to go through that again. But he didn't feel her shake against her body and her voice remained calm. "I was raised in an orphanage in Clousdale. They told me that they had found me outside, on the doorstep, wrapped only in a little blanket. No note, and no way of identifying who my parents could have been. "She giggled a little "it's always sounded a little like something out of a movie to me." When Big Macintosh remained silent she sighed and continued "I don't know if my parents are even still alive to this day. But I hope that they are. And whenever I come out here and look up at the sky, I hope that maybe they are to, and thinking about me. Even if they aren't I just hope that they're happy."

She looked up at Macintosh, who was looking down at her. "That's a nice story Fluttershy." He said. "I'm glad to share it with you Macintosh. I really am." She rubbed her head against his shoulder and closed her eyes. Big Macintosh tentatively raised one hoof, wrapped it around her and drew her in closer to his body. And that's where they lay. Him silently protecting her from anything the night could throw at them and her laying there, just enjoying him. Neither of them said anything. There was almost nothing to be said. The hours drew on as the moon moved across the night sky.

Big Macintosh yawned and looked down at Fluttershy. She lay stretched against him, peacefully asleep. "Time to go home." He mumbled to himself, smiling. Big Macintosh gently raised his hoof from around Fluttershy and stood up. Fluttershy gently stirred a little but didn't wake up. "Just let her sleep Big Macintosh." He told himself. Gently as he could, he put his muzzle under her stomach and slowly lifted her into the air, sliding her onto his back. She showed no signs of waking up; instead she curled into a ball. "Well ain't you a heavy sleeper." He thought, chuckling to himself.

He followed the trail back to her cottage. He walked into the dark home and up the stairs into her room. He pulled back the covers and rolled her onto the bed. He covered the sleeping mare with the blanket and put a pillow under her head. He stood over her sleeping form for a moment, gently looking at her. He brushed a stray piece of hair gently off of her forehead and whispered "Goodnight Fluttershy." And with that he turned around and silently walked out of her house back home.

The Princesses of the Sun and Moon looked down from Luna's magical observatory in Canterlot at Big Macintosh as he made his way home. "What do you think sister?" Luna asked, looking over at her sister. Celestia looked down again and smiled "I think that those two will be good for each other Luna. Very good for each other indeed. You did a wonderful job of making such a peaceful night for the two." Luna blushed at the compliment "Just the least I could do for the Element of Kindness." Celestia nodded he approval and walked back into the castle to catch some sleep. Luna continued to gaze down at Big Macintosh and smiled "You're right sister; they will be."

"And that's how it all happened." Fluttershy concluded. Rarity looked affixed at Fluttershy, not making a move or a sound. Fluttershy had come to Carousel Boutiques the next day to talk to her closest friend about the events of the last few nights. When she had told Rarity that she was interested in a colt Rarity had immediately dropped the dress she had been working on, closed the entire shop, and had been listening intently to Fluttershy as she recounted the night of the storm and the previous day for about an hour. "Umm Rarity? Did I do something wrong?" she asked as her friend had still not moved.

"That…is…the…SWEETEST STORY I HAVE EVER HEARD!!" Rarity finally said jumping up. Her eyes were brimming with tears as she ran over to Fluttershy. She grabbed Fluttershy in a humongous hug. "Ohh that is just so precious darling!! You and Big Macintosh, it just almost seems too perfect!! Ohh it gets me feeling like a little school filly again." "Umm ok?" Fluttershy stammered out. "Oh Fluttershy I'm so happy that you've found a stallion to be interested in." Rarity said as she put down Fluttershy and recomposed herself. "What's more surprising about it is that it's Big Macintosh. You two seem to fit together so well but no one would expect him to ever show an interest in anything but his farm or family." "Oh but he does care about more than that," Fluttershy protested "he's a big hearted stallion that gives his full attention to whatever's in front of him." "And that's all fine darling," Rarity said waving a hoof in the air to brush off the comment "I didn't say he didn't care, just that you'd never expect it." Fluttershy raised an eyebrow not entirely getting the difference but accepted it.

"So Fluttershy darling," Rarity started, propping her elbows on a table and resting her chin on her hooves "when is the first date going to happen?" Fluttershy's eyes grew wide. "Oh well umm…we never discussed any kind of re-relationship." "Oh Fluttershy but don't you see that you two are so wonderfully perfect for each other? And you're obviously interested in each other; so why not?" Fluttershy shuffled nervously "It just never came up." "Hmm," Rarity put on a thinking face "I know just what you need to do Fluttershy." "Oh dear." Fluttershy thought, afraid of what Rarity might suggest "What you need to do dear. You need to approach him about it first. You know. Take the initiative." "Wh-what?" Fluttershy managed to stammer out "Oh I could never do that. I mean; I would probably break down in front of him. Or what if I'm misinterpreting him or.." "Fluttershy!!" Rarity shouted, stopping Fluttershy in mid-sentence.  "He lives in a family full of very assertive mares and that's probably all that he's used to. Maybe he's just scared to make the first move himself. The point is that you need to be assertive about this."

There was a knock at the door of Carousel Boutiques. "Oh I'm so sorry but we're closed right now but please come again in a little while and I'll be right with you." "Do you understand Fluttershy?" Fluttershy was trying to avoid looking Rarity in the eye. "Well yes but I just don't think that I'm brave enough." "Fluttershy dear you need to stop underselling yourself or you'll never get anywhere…"

The knocking grew more persistent at the door. *sigh* Rarity walked over to the door obviously annoyed. "Excuse me but we are currently closed and if you come back soon I'll…" Rarity stopped as she saw who was at the door. "Why Hello Big Macintosh." she said cheerily. "To what do I owe the pleasure of this visit?" "Well Miss. Rarity I'm out lookin' for Miss. Fluttershy and ah was told that she could be found here. But I can see that you're closed I'm sorry to intrude." He turned and started to walk away. "Oh wait Macintosh. She just so happens to be here." Rarity turned around looking at her friend. Fluttershy was frantically gesturing that she didn't want Macintosh knowing that she was there. "Rarity walked over and pushed Fluttershy forcefully towards the door. "You'll thank me for this later." She whispered to Fluttershy as she pushed her out the door. Rarity slammed and locked the door behind Fluttershy, leaving her alone with him.

They stood awkwardly in the street for a minute before Fluttershy spoke up. "Umm were looking for me?" "Eeyup." Big Macintosh said. They both stood there for another few seconds. "Umm.." Fluttershy started to speak "Oh I'm sorry Fluttershy I was just…distracted. Listen I umm I really enjoyed spending time with ya last night." He said cautiously "So did I." whispered Fluttershy in response. "And I guess that..what I'm trying to say is that I'd like to do it again sometime...if ya'd like"

Fluttershy couldn't help but feel a little encouraged by the fact the biggest stallion in Ponyville was nervous about this. "I'd umm… I'd like that too Big Macintosh." She responded looking up at him. Big Macintosh let out the breath he'd been holding. "Well umm…I'll meet you here on Friday around noon then?" "Sure Big Macintosh..I'll see you here on Friday."

Big Macintosh walked back home with a smile on his face and pride in his heart. Fluttershy watched him walk away before she got yanked back into Carousel Boutiques by Rarity. "Soooo what'd he want?!" she asked excitedly "He umm just wanted to know if we could go out sometime." "EEEEEEEEEEEEE." Rarity squealed in delight at the news. "What'd you say?! What'd you say?!" "Umm I said yes…" Fluttershy said quietly. "EEEEKKKKKK!!" Rarity was practically bouncing with excitement. "Fluttershy got asked on her first date and I was here to see it happen!!! Oh darling please tell me you scheduled it for after our spa appointment. I simply Must make sure that you look 100 percent decent for this. Ohhh." Fluttershy smiled gently as she watched her friend obsess and talk about how magical it was. She just thought about the quiet stallion and hoped for a bright future.
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