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Fluttershy paced the floor of Carousel Boutiques nervously, waiting for Big Macintosh to arrive. "Did he change his mind? What time is it? Oh what are we going to do? I've never been on a date before; what if I mess up?" Rarity watched as her friend walked around her store repeatedly, slightly amused by her nervous movements. "Relax darling you're going to be fine." she told her worrisome friend "Just try and remember everything that I told you."

Fluttershy thought back to the previous day, when Rarity had told her what she should expect from a colt on a first date. "Now the first thing to look out for in a colt on the first date, Fluttershy dear, is that he pays complete attention to how you look. He simply must compliment you, because if a girl's gonna work to look her best he had better notice it." Fluttershy blankly stared at her friend trying to absorb all the information her friend was giving her. "If he's going to take you to a restaurant he simply must allow you to order what you want, but be careful what you ask for because you don't want to seem like you think he's made of bits." Rarity sank back into the mud tub they were sitting in and placed her cucumber slices over her eyes. "Also make sure that you question His interests. Don't let all the conversation be one sided by talking all about yourself, it's a major turn off for a stallion; but who knows, Macintosh is so soft spoken that he may not care to talk about himself. And one thing you must never, ever, do is tell a colt is "I love you" on the first date. I've done it before and trust me when I say it doesn't always end well sweetie. And if he says that he loves you, you just let him down gently. Fluttershy I know that this is your first time being in a serious relationship but you can't rush into things to fast or you'll just end up hurting yourself or him."

"Just breathe darling, you're hyperventilating, and besides, stress is bad for your pores." Rarity told her still panicking friend, trying not to laugh. Fluttershy took a few shuddering breaths and tried to calm down. "Alright. I can do this. I can do this." she told herself repeatedly. There was a light knock on the door and Fluttershy squeaked and hid underneath a couch. "Now come on darling you can't leave him waiting out there. It'd simply be rude." said Rarity, knowing just the right cords to hit on Fluttershy's personality to get her moving. Fluttershy nervously crawled out from under the couch and walked to the door on shaky legs. She opened the door and looked up into Big Macintoshes face.

He'd combed his mane so that it wasn't in wild tangles everywhere and he wore a saddlebag on his side. His usual yoke had been removed and for the first time she could see his muscular neck. He was looking down at her with his large emerald eyes that seemed to almost read her mind. It took all of Fluttershy's willpower not to try and hide in the dirt. "Hey Fluttershy you umm…you ready to go?" Big Macintosh asked his dumbfounded date. "Umm I think I left something in Carousel…" Fluttershy felt herself shoved out of the door and, once again, it slammed closed behind her. "…I guess not." She finished quietly, turning back to Macintosh. "Eeyup." he responded looking at the curtains, which reveal the peeping eyes of a certain unicorn. He smiled lightly. "Oh I gots this for ya." he said as he reached down into his saddle bag. He delicately lifted out a small, wrapped, hoofkerchief. Unfolding it he revealed a small, red, rose as its contents. "Oh Macintosh you didn't have too." Fluttershy said, flustered at the small flower. "I think that I did ma'am." he said, steadfast in his manners.

Big Macintosh took the flower in his teeth and gently placed it behind her right ear. He could feel the heat radiate off of her as the blood rushed to her face. "Th-thank you." she finally managed to stammer out, not looking away from the ground. She could hear the faint shrieking of delight that Rarity was giving from the other side of the door. "I think that we should go." said Macintosh, also hearing the same shriek of delight.

"Where umm…where did you think we should go?" asked Fluttershy, scared to make the decision. "Oh I was just thinkin' that maybe we could go to that open air restaurant. Ya know; the one with tha weird mushroom tables?" "Oh yes, Coltabba's, I hear they have delightful Istallion food. I think Twilight goes there all the time. I've always wanted to go but it seemed to…social for me. Oh I hope that doesn't make me sound prude." Fluttershy was getting more and more nervous the longer they stood there. Big Macintosh noticed her legs growing shakier underneath her and decided not to prolong the inevitable. "Not at all Fluttershy, I reckon we should be on our way though, before Miss. Rarity figures out a way to force us there." "Umm..sure." she said. And they began their walk to Coltabba's.
Rarity watched as her friend walked away with her date. "Oh Opalescence" she said, turning to her cat, who had been napping, "there goes the most innocent mare in all of Equestria on her first date. History's being made." She looked back towards the door and bit her lip. "Oh I wouldn't want to be so rude as to go and spy on her….however," a mischievous grin formed on her face "it does just so happen to be noon, and I feel like a little Istallion food today." Rarity pranced to the back of her store, the grin never slipping from her face. "Now, now Rarity you simply must not dress as you normally would when going out. After all, as the Element of Generosity you're sure to have everypony wanting an autograph or simply just too meet you." Rarity rummaged through her closet until she found a large, and still rather stylish, trench coat and fedora.

Humming to herself she sat in front of her dresser and worked a straightener through her hair. Sighing a little "It will take days to get these kinds of curls back into my mane but they say being a celebrity comes with a price." Once her hair had been sufficiently straightened Rarity reworked her makeup so that it looked….plain. Rarity shuddered a little at how unfabulous she looked. But she put on her coat and hat and walked to the door. "Sweetie Bell, be good while I'm gone. And I swear to Celestia if you mess up this shop I'll make sure that you clean it up until this place is absolutely spotless, and believe me it shall be a gruesome experience."

Rarity poked her head out of her shop and "sneakily" started her walk from the shop to the only Istallion restaurant in town.
Fluttershy and Big Macintosh walked slowly towards Coltabba's. Big Macintosh knew what butterflies in the stomach felt like, but what he felt was more like bees, or frogs. Whatever it was it was much larger than butterflies. He kept his normal calm face for the sake of his date, but he had to fight just to stop his legs from shaking. "Calm down Macintosh you've been on dates before; why should this one be any different?" he told himself "It's probably just a passin' fancy. You two got a little close together the other night and it got you interested but you'll get over it. All ya gotta do is finish this date." He continued his deliberately slow walk, trying to justify his feelings the whole time.

Fluttershy kept her head down as they approached Ponyville. It wasn't that she was embarrassed to be seen with Big Macintosh, after all, this was only their first date, they weren't a couple. Fluttershy wasn't much for the being in the public spotlight at all and she felt like a lot of ponies would get the wrong idea and gossip would spread throughout Ponyville. "I did want to go on a date with him , and I'm grateful to be here, but I didn't think that it would be this scary." she kept her eyes on the ground.

Fluttershy's suspicions had proved correct. As the two walked into Ponyville she immediately felt as if all eyes were focused on the two of them. She glanced nervously from side to side trying to both see the faces of whoever was watching them and trying to hide her own face from them. "What are they doing? Is that Fluttershy and that Macintosh fellow? What are they doing together? Are they a couple? Who does she think she is? I wish that was me with that fine hunk of stallion."  These are the things that she imagined that all of the ponies they passed were thinking. She shivered as her imagination conjured up images of all their faces staring at her, judging her. She slowed her pace even more. Unconsciously she moved closer to Macintosh, trying to blend in with his red coat without much success.
Big Macintosh noticed the small butter yellow pegasus pressing up against him. He looked down at her and saw that she was almost crawling on the ground, her head darting nervously left and right under her mane. He sighed gently "She must be completely terrified. If there's one thing I know about her after this short amount of time is that she lives up to her name well." He stopped walking and waited a moment for Fluttershy to do the same. When she stopped by his side he leaned down and gently told her "It's alright Fluttershy you don't have to be scared of them. What's our business is ours, not theirs. You can relax."

Fluttershy tried to stand up but her legs shook and she sank back down again. Macintosh sighed again "I hope this doesn't become a habit." he thought "Please try again Fluttershy it's alright." he gently asked her. Fluttershy whimpered a little and tried to lift herself off the ground. When she managed to get up a hoof or two Macintosh quickly stooped his head underneath her barrel and lifted her up with his neck, sliding her down onto his back. Fluttershy squeaked in shock as he lifted her up. "Wh-what are you doing?" she asked ask she landed on his back. "I don't think we're gonna make it for lunch at this rate." he said, grinning "Besides little ma'am I think maybe this'll help ya calm down a little. Just relax and let me do tha walkin'." Big Macintosh resumed walking towards their date spot. Fluttershy still felt extremely self-conscious of being with Macintosh but by burying her head in his mane and pressed herself against his strong body she felt the tension leave her body slightly.

Big Macintosh carried his date to Coltabba's and Fluttershy lowered herself onto the ground before entering. They stood in the front, patiently waiting for a waiter to direct them to a table. "Hello and welcome to Coltabba's may I take you to your seat?" asked a dark brown pony with a slight istallion accent. "Eeyup." Big Macintosh replied as they walked towards the outdoors seating.

Their waiter sat them down at a weird looking mushroom that was set up to serve as a table. "My name's Tony and I'll be your waiter this afternoon; is there anything I can get you to drink?" said the brown pony as they sat down. "Eeyup I'll have some cider." said Big Macintosh "I'll umm..I guess I'll have a glass of water…if-if that's ok with you." "Sure thing I'll be right back with your drinks you let me know if you're ready to order then; ok." Tony said as he placed two menus on the table in front of them. "Ok thank ya very much Mr. Tony." Big Macintosh called to the waiter as he walked away. Macintosh smiled across the table to Fluttershy "Good service here." "Yes I suppose so." Fluttershy said meekly, trying to avoid looking at Big Macintosh by reading the menu.

A few minutes later Tony returned to their table with a platter with two glasses on it in his mouth. He set the plate down on the table and smiled "Are you two ready to order or should I come back in a minute?" Big Macintosh looked at Fluttershy "I think I'll just go and have tha buffet. Are you ready to order?" "Umm…I think that I'll just have the fruit salad. If that's fine with you that is." "You just go ahead and order what ya want Fluttershy." "Alrighty one buffet and one fruit salad. I'll be right out with your salad soon Miss. you call if you need anything." With that Tony walked away from the table to the kitchen.

Fluttershy and Big Macintosh sat in an awkward silence at the table. Fluttershy quietly sipped at her water, trying to avoid eye contact with the stallion across the table. "You umm you look nice today Fluttershy. That is, not to say ya don't look nice on any other day of course!" he said, trying to strike up any kind of conversation. "Oh well thank you Big Macintosh. That was all really Rarity's doing, oh and Aloe and Lotus." Macintosh raised an eyebrow "Aloe and…Lotus?" "Oh yes, they're the two earth ponies that work over at the day spa." "I've never been there before and I'm not quite sure I want too." Big Macintosh responded, a slow smile spreading on his face.

Fluttershy giggled a little as she envisioned Macintosh getting a spa treatment. Him in a white robe sitting in the sauna, and getting a mud mask, the image was completely ridiculous. Big Macintoshes face straightened out "Ah'm not completely sure I wanna know what's in your head right now." he said suspiciously to the still giggling mare. Fluttershy put on an innocent smile and blushed, "Oh it's nothing at all." she giggled as she twiddled her forehooves. "Hmmm" Big Macintosh put on his own sly grin as he observed the mare on the other side of the table.

"Hey-O guys how are we doing over here?" asked Tony cheerily as he walked over to their table with a plate balanced on his head. "I suppose we're doing aliright." Big Macintosh quickly said as Tony placed the plate in front of Fluttershy. "Well I'm glad to hear that. Are we good on everything? Need any refills?" Big Macintosh looked down and realized that he hadn't even touched his cider and Fluttershy had nearly downed the contents of her glass. "Ah'm fine but I think she may need one." he said, trying to be chivalrous. "Oh no, I really wouldn't want to inconvenience you Mr. Tony" Fluttershy nervously said. "Ma'am please, it's my job." smiled their waiter as he scooped up Fluttershy's glass. "I'll be right back with this."

"Ah think I'll go and get mah own food now. Will you be fine here?" asked Big Macintosh as he stood up to go to the buffet. "Yes I'll be ok." Fluttershy said as she started to pick at the fruit in front of her. Big Macintosh briskly walked over to where the short line to the buffet was. Upon arrival at the warming trays he proceeded to heap up cinnamon and lemon flavored hay sandwiches onto his plate. After scooping up a big spoonful of hay fries onto his plate he walked back to where he and Fluttershy were seated.

Tony had apparently come back while Macintosh had been getting his food because Fluttershy's glass was now full. A quick look around the restaurant showed that Tony was trying to strike up a polite conversation with somepony a few tables behind Fluttershy in a coat and fedora. "Odd clothing ta be wearing in the middle of summer." he thought, but he shrugged it off and sat down at their table.   

While Fluttershy had been picking at her food when Macintosh had left it looked like she hadn't taken a bite out of it yet. His date herself was just silently looking at him. "Wonder what's going in her head." he thought, looking back into her eyes. He saw a lot of uncertainty and fear in them. Worried, Big Macintosh tried to snap her out of it. "Umm Fluttershy…are you alright?" he asked, waving a hoof near her face. Immediately focus returned to her eyes. "Oh I'm sorry Macintosh I was just caught up in my own thoughts I guess." she whispered, blushing at how she had been staring at him.

"That's fine Fluttershy." Big Macintosh said as her smiled at her. The two sat at the table in silence once again, Big Macintosh ate his food ravenously, but with some control, Fluttershy just stared at her plate. She finally managed to speak, feeling rude just sitting there in silence. "So Big Macintosh, when did you um decide to be a farmer? If you don't mind me asking that is."

Big Macintosh took a moment to chew and swallow the sandwich already in his mouth before answering. "I reckon it was right on the day when I gots my cutie mark." "How did you get your mark…if um you don't mind me prying." Fluttershy was scared of sounding to forward with the question but Big Macintosh didn't mind. "It's alright. You told me your story so I suppose it's only polite to tell ya mine. It must have happened way back when I was in school…."  

"Hey Macintosh!!"  Little Macintosh looked over his shoulder as he heard the familiar voice of his friend, Heart Gold. Heart Gold was a light amethyst purple unicorn, her mane and tail were deep blue with a few thick streaks of golden yellow running through it. Her mane was always combed and slightly wavy. As for her cutie mark there were four gold hearts that looked like they had been cut from gems. Heart was an extremely sociable mare that always had something to talk about with anypony. However if you ever needed a shoulder to cry on she was an excellent listener and would normally sympathize with you.

As always Macintoshes other friend, Rainy Morn', was close by her. Rainy was a light blue pegasus with a jet black mane that always seemed to cover one eye. On his flank were three dark blue water drops. Rainy was a sincere pony who always spoke his mind, even when it didn't always seem appropriate. However he had a deep heart and cared for his friends. Even though he may have been a bit harsh with his words from time to time he himself was a bit sensitive and his tear ducts were well used.

Rainy was Little Macintoshes first friend. They'd met a year ago while Macintosh had been playing "Kick the Can" with a tree out in Sweet Apple Acres. Rainy had walked from behind a row of trees and seen him. They had looked at each other for a moment and the first words the pegasus had spoken to him were "You know that game is for two or more right?" Macintosh, who had never spoken a word to any other pony outside his family, could only say "Eeyup." The blue pegasus had raised an eyebrow "Don't you have any friends?" Macintosh looked down at his can "Nope."

Rainy had then immediately trotted over and side kicked the can to a startled Macintosh. "The name's Rainy Morn', and congratulations, now you've got one." Little Macintosh had looked dazed for a moment before smiling and saying "Eeyup."

It wasn't long afterwards that Heart Gold had moved down from Fillydelphia to Ponyville and joined Little Macintoshes class. Immediately when recess had started she had run over to the corner of the playground where Little Macintosh and Rainy, if he could cut flight school, would relax. "Hi my name's Heart Gold. I'm new here to Ponyville, but I'm sure you know that because we have the same class. What's your name?" Macintosh had shied away from her a little, not used to the extremely quick amounts of talking that she was doing. Rainy Morn' had to jump in quickly to avoid an extended awkward silence. "He's Macintosh Apple, he doesn't talk much, he's not trying to be rude." He interjected quickly, nudging his friend in the ribs. "The name's Rainy Morn' nice to meet you Heart Gold."

From that day forth the three of them had become really close friends. They were Little Macintoshes only friends and he was content with them. He still never spoke much, even to his friends. They tried to get him to talk on countless occasions but they rarely got more than a "Eeyup" or "Nope" from him. He never expressed his opinions, and while his extreme shyness initially worried his friends and bothered them they still cared for the small red colt.

Little Macintosh waited for his friends to trot up to him. "Are you going to Sweet Apple Acres?" Heart asked Macintosh as they continued walking. "Eeyup." "I think we need to get some of your Granny's apple pie while there." Rainy said hungrily, licking his lips "You know if she's made any?" "Nope." "Well I sure hope she has cause I am starving. The flight instructors were really pushing it today." "Oh I wish I could fly up to Cloudsdale. I hear it's marvelously beautiful." Heart said dreamily, looking up at the sky. "It's hard being a pegasus but it's worth it most of the time." Rainy and Herat started chatting about the cloud city and all its glory and what it was like to fly." Macintosh just kept walking, listening to his friends excitedly talking about the subject.

"Well, well, well look who it is." came a snide voice from behind the three friend. Rainy Morn' closed his eyes and sighed exasperatedly, recognizing the vice. "Aw horsefeathers." He mumbled "What do you want Peace?" he asked turning to face Macintoshes classmate. Peace was a shadowy green pony with a few brown patches across his body and cross blades for a cutie mark; he had a muscular build for his age. Peace did not live up to his name well; he tended to like to pick on anyone in the class who was blank flanked harshly and loved to flaunt his strength. His favorite target had, as of late, become Little Macintosh because he was the only one in class without his cutie mark.

"Oh nothing," he said sarcastically "I was just coming to see if this was the day that Macintosh here finally becomes somewhat respectable." Macintosh cast his eyes towards the ground with a sad look on his face. "Hey Peace could I politely ask you to sod off? We're having a nice day and we don't need you to stink it up." snapped Rainy as Peace chuckled to himself. "Oh lighten up ya big blue bird." He said, waving a hoof.

"Well maybe it is Peace" said Heart cheerily "you never know when you're gonna discover your special talent. Maybe he'll become the best apple bucker in all of Equestria." Peace laughed loudly at that. "Oh please. Apple bucking ain't nothing. All it takes is a little leg strength and being able to extend your leg." "Come on Peace lay off. You know anypony from the Apple family could whoop your flank at…" Rainy stopped himself, thinking about what he was saying, but it was too late the damage was done. "Ha, is that a challenge blank flank? Fine then. Let's see if you got what it takes. It ain't much but I doubt you do."

Big Macintosh slowly backed away from his "Nope." "Come on chicken. You scared because ya can't do it? That's cause the Apples are just a bunch of wooses." At that Macintosh straightened up and looked Peace in the eye. "Let's go." he said, clearly aggravated and starting to walk into the orchard. "Oh did I offend you blanky? Alright fine. You're on."

Macintosh led his friends and Peace into Sweet Apple Acres, which conveniently had just starting to enter bucking season. He found two trees that were roughly the same size and had about the same number of apples hanging from them. Peace put on a slick smile and looked at Macintosh "Care to go first?" he asked. "Nope." "Alrighty then let's do this."

Peace swiftly looked the tree up and down before turning around and, aiming quickly, he kicked the tree with all of his might. Apples rained down from the tree fast and hard for a few seconds, bouncing off the ground and rolling away. When they stopped falling all four of the ponies looked up at the trees contents, more than half of the trees original contents had fallen out. "HA" Peace laughed in Macintoshes face "Beat that blank flank. I told you apple bucking wasn't hard."

Big Macintosh continued to look up into the tree. He was intimidated; he'd never been able to buck more than a few apples out of a tree at a time. But he knew he had to finish what he started. He turned around towards his tree. He closed his eyes and thought for a second. This colt had done nothing but humiliate him for weeks, calling him all sorts of names and treating him like dirt. He was fine to put up with all that but now he was insulting the Apple family and while he may not be able to defend himself, he was sure as hay going to try and defend his family. Macintosh kicked straight back with all of his strength and felt his back hooves connect solidly with the trunk of the tree. There was a resounding CRACK and Macintosh opened his eyes as apples fell around him. When they stopped falling he looked over at Heart Gold and Rainy Morn' and saw they amazed looks on their faces as they looked at the tree.

He turned around and looked at what he had done and was amazed himself. Not only had he managed to knock every single apple out of the tree, but he had managed to send a deep and thick crack straight up the trunk. He stood perplexed by his work and then looked at Peace. The camo pony had a look of both awe and fear spread across his muzzle. He looked down at Little Macintosh, who lightly grinned back. "Proof enough?" he slowly asked. With that Peace started to run back towards the road.
"That was incredible Mac!" cheered Heart as she ran over and hugged Macintosh. "Good job dude! You really showed Peace eh?" said Rainy as he walked over and patted his friend on the back. "I did it." whispered Macintosh to his friends "I did it. I Did It! I DID IT! OH SWEET CELESTIA I DID IT!!" Macintosh was jumping around and yelling, legitimately startling his friends. There was a quick glittering on his rump and a large green apple that appeared to be split in half appeared. He ran home screaming "I did it."  all the way. All Rainy Morn' and Heart Gold could do was smile and watch as he ran.

Big Macintosh pulled himself out of the past and back to his date in the present. He looked at Fluttershy across the table. She had been simply staring at him in awe the entire time he'd been telling his story. Tears were forming in her eyes. "Umm Fluttershy ...are you alright?" he asked.

Fluttershy blinked the tears out of her eyes. "Oh I'm sorry Big Macintosh it was just such a sweet story that I couldn't help but lose myself in it for a moment." she said as she wiped her face. Big Macintosh looked at her plate and was relieved to see that she had at least been eating the entire time. He then realized that he was famished and started to eat his own food.

"So umm Heart Gold and Rainy Morn'; I've never seen them in Ponyville or Cloudsdale before; are they still around?" "Nope. They actually ended up getting married and soon after that they moved back up to Fillydelphia. Last I heard they'd become therapists and had a foal. They sent a picture if I can ever find it, it's been a few years since I last saw it, if I remember correct it's an adorable little colt. He takes after his mama's coat and dad's mane." "Awww." Fluttershy was overwhelmed by the cuteness. "So you keep in touch?" "Hmm we haven't talked in months. It'd be nice ta reconnect with 'em." "I'd like to meet them someday."

They finished their meal and waited for Tony to return to their table. "Alright was everything to your satisfaction here?" he asked as he dropped the bill on their table. "Eeyup." Big Macintosh placed 17 bits on the bill and Tony scooped them into a pouch. "Well thank you for choosing Coltabba's for lunch and have a nice day." Tony waved as he walked away from their table. Big Macintosh dropped a few extra bits on their table and got up. Fluttershy followed suit.

Big Macintosh gestured for Fluttershy to get back on his back. "No I think I'll be fine." "Alrighty then. Ah think Granny Smith made some apple cupcakes this morning if you're interested." he said, looking towards the farm. "That sounds delightful." They both started walking to the farm.

When they arrived Macintosh called out "Granny?! AJ?! Appleboloom?!" The home was quiet though. Macintosh walked into the kitchen and saw a plate with the cupcakes on it and a note.

Dear Big Brother
I didn't want to disturb you on your date with Fluttershy so I left you this note. Granny and I went off to see Nurse Redheart for Granny's check-up. Applebloom is somewhere playing with her friends. If you see her tell her to stay out of the barn, we got hornets.

P.S. Keep those hooves to yourself!

Big Macintosh blushed a little after reading the end of the note but placed it down and picked up the plate. He walked into the living room and sat down on the couch next to Fluttershy, setting the plate on a small table. "Granny and Applejack are at the doctors and Applebloom is at some obscure corner of Equestria. However they did leave us some cupcakes." "Oh ok then; are they alright?" Fluttershy asked as she picked a small cupcake off of the plate. "Yeah Granny's just going for her check-up and Applejack went because we never know where she might end up."

Fluttershy politely nibbled at the small pastry in her hooves as Big Macintosh picked one up and chomped into it. Fluttershy looked up at him and giggled seeing that he had a bit of green frosting on the end of his muzzle. "Hmm?" he inquired as he looked back down. "You've got a little frosting on your face." she said, still lightly laughing at how silly he looked.

Blushing, Big Macintosh wiped at his face, but he missed the frosting. "Did I get it?" he asked, looking back down at her. Still laughing a little Fluttershy shook her head. "Here, I'll get it. Lean in a little." she said, gesturing for him to lean down. As he did she felt his breathe brush against her face lightly, the sweet scent of apples wafting into her nostrils. In the heat of the moment Fluttershy lost herself and, rather than lightly wiping it off his nose, kissed the frosting off his nose.

Her light breathe on his nose as she delivered the unexpected peck made Big Macintosh blush furiously. Fluttershy noticed it as he turned away from her and blushed as well "I-I'm sorry. I don't know what came over me. I'm sorry." "It's alright Fluttershy, it's alright. It wasn't all that bad." Somehow hearing Big Macintosh say that made Fluttershy's embarrassment dissipate and she smiled. "I had a good time today." she said as she resumed nibbling her cupcake. "So did I Fluttershy, but that don't mean that it's gotta end right now." Fluttershy smiled "No it doesn't."

With that they stood up, Big Macintosh held open the door for her and when she exited the house they started walking towards Big Macintoshes glade. After they'd left the farm they went to his glade and enjoyed each other's silent company in the shade of a large tree. When the sun had started to set he walked her home on his back and wished her a good night.   

The next day Big Macintosh was walking back to Carousel Boutiques, his thoughts centered on Fluttershy. That morning when he'd woken up there was a note that had been slid underneath the door with "Big Macintosh" written across it. The note had said

Dear Big Macintosh

I had the most wonderful time of my life yesterday with you. You were really a gentlecolt with me and made me very happy. I would like to meet again today if you can, and don't mind, at Carousel Boutiques. I really don't have anything to do so I'll be there all day. It's fine if you can't make it, we can meet again some other time.


Big Macintoshes heart had lept for joy when he'd read the letter. He was ecstatic at the thought of being able to see Fluttershy again after they'd had such a wonderful time yesterday. He'd rushed through the days chores so that he would be done by a little after lunchtime. And now he was making his way back to the dress shop to meet her again.

When he arrived at Rarity's shop he politely knocked on the door and called hello. Rarity voice came from the other side of the door "You know it's a shop darling you can simply walk in." Big Macintosh opened the door with the twinkling of the signal bell. "Oh welcome Big Macintosh. I'm ever so glad you're finally here. Fluttershy's been terribly nervous about whether or not you'd show up and quite frankly it's been stressing me as well." Rarity guided Macintosh, who felt really out of place in the prim and proper dress shop, to the back of the store. "She darted in here when she heard you knock. Just go in; she's waiting for you."

Big Macintosh walked into the room and surveyed his surroundings, utterly confused. The room was empty save for a table, a stove and kettle and two chairs. As Big Macintosh went to check under the table for Fluttershy he heard the door slam and lock. He quickly looked behind him and saw Rarity standing in front of the door with a dead set look on her face. "Hehe you sure do have a habit of slammin' and lockin' doors don't ya?" he chuckled nervously. "Yes quite; please have a seat Mr. Macintosh." "You can call me Big Macin…" "I'll call you what I like. Now please…have a seat." A stunned Big Macintosh walked over to the table and sat in the a chair.

Rarity took her time, walking over to the stove and pouring herself a cup of tea, before sitting down on the other side of the table. Using her magic she dropped two lumps of sugar into it and stirred the contents. "You umm you like your tea sweet?" he asked nervously, still not sure of what was going on. "Mhmm; yes I do," She paused for a moment. "just as you seem to like your mares Mr. Macintosh." "Umm yeah speaking of which I got a letter from Fluttershy to meet her here today so if I might inquire as to where she is…" Rarity chuckled "Oh darling that wasn't from Fluttershy that was just the bait to get you to my shop. I sent that note. Your sister's the Element of Honesty, not I." Sweat broke out on Big Macintoshes neck "B-bait?" "Oh don't worry I sent her a note telling her to meet you here in 10 minutes. Which is more than enough time to finish what needs to be done."

Macintosh got more and more nervous by the second and grew even more scared at what the unicorn may be implying. "Now you listen and you listen proper Mr. Macintosh." she said, levitating the tea stir to point at him "Fluttershy has been my closest friend for more than ten yearss now. I love that girl as much as I love my sister. So if I hear so much as a peep of you laying a hoof on her, or breaking her sweet little heart, I will utterly destroy your reputation in this town. You'll never be able to show your face in Ponyville again. Do you understand me?" Rarity's face was set in such a way that Big Macintosh knew that she wasn't lying at all. He also knew that she had the means and influences to do it too. "Y-yes ma'am" he said meekly to the still scowling Rarity.

She stared him down for another minute before a smile broke out on her face. "Good, then we have reached an understanding." The door lock clicked and the door swung open. "Now do be a dear and don't keep that mare waiting." she said as he slowly stood up and left. As he neared the exit he saw through the window that Fluttershy was approaching. "Oh and Big Macintosh!?" The stallion stopped dead in his tracks and waited for Rarity to speak. "I know this probably goes without saying, but please refrain from speaking of our little talk to Fluttershy; ok dear?" Big Macintosh gulped "Yes ma'am." he called back.

He walked to the door just as Fluttershy entered. "Oh Big Macintosh, I got your note. What did you want to do today?" she said, her face beaming with happiness. Her smile brought a smile to his face through his fear. "Ah thought we could just go for a walk in the park today." he said "Care for a ride?" Fluttershy giggled and floated onto his back, rubbing her head into his mane. "Only if it's ok with you." And he walked, carrying the light pegasus with enthusiasm, just happy to be with her and away from that crazy unicorn.

Rarity watched as Macintosh walked away, carrying her best friend on his back. "Oh Opalescence; I pray to Celestia that I never have to live up to that threat." She sighed as she closed the door to the shop and got back to her mannequins.
*Hitting head on writing desk* Ugh Part 3 if finally out...and I'm sorry but all I can think is WEAK! WEAK! WEAK! Oh well I'll let anyone who reads this judge it.
Thank You everyone who reads this, whether you like it or not.

For all of my wonderful editors, Thank You so much. I'm not sure how certain I would be of posting any of these chapters without the thumbs up :)

All characters belong to their respective owners....except Tony, Rainy Morn', and Heart Gold...they're mine. I love OC's :D

Feel free to critique as much as to what you thought could have been better.

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